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  1. I have that tire in that size, it won't rub, plenty of room.
  2. The wheels are 20x9 +20 offset. No rubbing at all. I'm actually gonna get a wider tire here pretty soon, thinking 295 55. It's just a 2" level up front, no rear blocks. Ya I love the lifted truck look but I felt the same way I didn't wanna get too crazy with my new truck and I like the smooth ride. I'm prob gonna trade up to a 2500 here soon.
  3. Archie's off-road in Wells maine does lifts and so on.
  4. I have a 2" level on fuel 20s with the same exact tires and never have had the issue.
  5. I just started noticing this sound in my 15 last week. It reminds me of when I turn my harley key, you can hear the fuel injection. Not sure why it never did this over the past year and a half until last week....
  6. A little off topic, but I see you traded your 14 for a new one. Im pondering trading my 15 for a 17....Help talk me out of it haha
  7. long story short i ended up with 2 of them. Its brand new still boxed up.
  8. Oh wow no kidding small world. Let me know if you wanna come pick it up. Or I could meet you in Sanford at Lowes or something if it matters.
  9. Im in Southern Maine and yes ill ship it. Wells, Me (southern maine) And yes ill ship it no problem at all.
  10. I am selling a brand new still in box Stainless Borla S Type Cat Back Exhaust for 2014 and Up GMC and Chevy Item #140550BC It is dual passenger side exit with black tips. $800
  11. Same problem on my 15. I have got so frustrated I've just drove off after a few gallons taking 5 minutes. At first I thought it was certain pumps.
  12. I have a brand new in box Borla S Type for a crew cab short bed. It's dual passenger side exit with black tips. Item #140550BC Sells online for 1,037.99 Would sell for $950 shipped Let me know if interested.
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