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  1. Sometimes you want to just move the truck a couple feet, or into another parking spot for example. And these new trucks wont let you shift out of park without having the seat belt on. Just testing my luck but Is there anyway to remove/stop this feature?
  2. IMO something more annoying would be that if i need to move the truck even an inch i have to get buckled up or it wont shift out of park. Unless there is a way to turn this safety feature off that i dont know about?
  3. Thank you all for your help, much appreciated! So many choices, all seem solid! I went ahead and installed these IONIC 5" STAINLESS CURVED NERF BARS https://realtruck.com/p/ionic-5-stainless-curved-nerf-bars/ias-402299p/ So far really love the construction of them. Very sturdy and not as bulky (IMO) as some of the other ones on the market. Just ordered a Bakflip MX4 as well. (Hopefully install isn't too tedious). Will be posting pics of both as soon asap.
  4. Picked up a Refreshed LTZ a few days ago. Seems like a lot of of the trucks are not coming without any running boards installed Anybody have any experience or recommendations on good quality running boards? Not really interested in the power boards, a little too expensive and not too sure on how reliable they are.
  5. Hello everyone Been in the market for a Silverado 1500 LT or RST 4x4/5.3/10Spd/CC for a few months now, but cant convince myself to drop money on the LTD version with the 8 Speed. (too outdated IMO) It seems majority of dealers in SoCal are starting to receive the refreshed model, but are also charging markups. Do you guys think in the near future dealer inventory will ease off a bit and these numbers will become more competitive? Or does anyone know of a decent dealership/sales manager i can work with?
  6. What happened to the 2021 Silverado 1500 LTZ 5.3 being available with the 10 speed? is that still the game plan or did that idea get scrapped? GM is stupid when it comes to making widely available to its customers.
  7. Still shopping around for an SLT/5.3/4x4/Crew Cab/5.5FT Bed. The limited supply and high demand for SLT's isn't helping too much. Everywhere i look online, it seems there is a ton of Denali vehicles to choose from. I'm assuming nobody wants to buy one due to their $70,000 sticker. Why are the Denali's $8k+ over a fully loaded SLT? Doesn't that seem like overkill for the same truck with a little extra leather?
  8. Have over 170k miles on my 11 Sierra 5.3, good truck. I’ve got tons of faith in GM but was wanting to upgrade to possibly a Ram Laramie or an LTZ/SLT, both gas, both 4x4. (Don’t need the 6.2L) i mainly test drove the the Ecodiesel due to the hype (turbo lag is horrendous), just seems like a headache waiting to happen but i know the 5.7/8 speed they offer is a great combo. any reasons in particular why some of you who shopped both chose the GM twins over the ram?
  9. I recently found a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT CC 5.8ft 4WD. With the SLT CC Value pack, a Sunroof , Bose and the 6.2L for $42,782. Is this a good deal? Do you think I would be able to get a better deal on this truck? Also is the 2016 That large of a difference to make me want to purchase the 16 over the 17? I'm still driving my tundra and don't know if I want to start dumping money in upgrades on that! Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Do you guys think those 22s would be absolutely HORRIBLE for some occasional simple off-roading? Sand dirt snow?
  11. So here's a little updAte. I found a 2015 LTZ z71 4x4 with the custom sport plus package 6.2, black on black with the black 22s. Msrp is $59,000, I haven't thrown any numbers yet and they already offered me $8900 off. I'm sure I could get it to 47? Will be driving to the nearby Chevy dealership to test out that 6.2. i feel like the 8 speed problems are scaring everyone away?
  12. I'm sure I'm not going the diesel way, 460lb tq is a great get up and go for any truck, since I'm mainly just hauling things around. Especially with 20+mpgs (never seen that in the tundra) Also another question, is maneuverability decent on the silverados? Or do you need 500 feet to make a u-turn? I'm most likely going to start test driving them once the 16s come out! I believe this month right?
  13. Do any of you know If the dealerships ever carry the Silverado custom sport plus edition? Or is that something you need to order? I really like the color matched bumpers
  14. Are the tow mirrors a MUST with the 6.2 because I'm not a big fan of them? We had an 2011 escalade with the 6.2/6speed, I loved the way it rode and had amazing power at any speed. Are the new ones comparable or MUCH better/refined? Also is the ground clearance bearable on the Sierras? The tundra sits pretty high for being stock, the gmcs look somewhat too low? I really hate how you can't get heated and cooled seats on the AT package.
  15. Coming from the tundra 5.7 Is the 6.2 as powerful? I know the fuel mileage will be much better than the tundra. And the 5.3 is very sluggish IMO. I'm just trying to see if anybody has been having a problems with the 6.2/8speed? I somewhat have myself convinced not to think about the DURAMAX because it's to be updated in 2017 as well as I don't ever have a need to tow more than 10k pounds.
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