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  1. Thanks, my last vehicle (in my avatar) didn't work that way. If I forced off the lights, the dash acted like it was daylight as well. Does anyone have any suggestions on the 4WD? My research seems to suggest it's a TCCM issue.
  2. I recently acquired an 05 Suburban 2500, with 97,000 miles. It is in nearly pristine shape (except for a little rust on one of the rockers) and seems to have been well taken care of. My selection of 2500s was extremely limited so I was lucky to find this one. It's an LT with full leather, heated seats, auto climate etc. However, there are some small issues that I need to resolve. Firstly, my headlight switch and rear window wiper controls do not illuminate. Potentially related to this, if I force the headlights off the gauges remain illuminated, and more importantly my touchscreen double-din remains dimmed to the point it is invisible. I wouldn't care, except that the automatic lights are extremely sensitive and turn on all of the time. I know the switch should be illuminated, but is the operation normal, or should my gauge lights also turn off? The switch also turns off the DRLs in normal daylight, which I'm not sure is normal either. I hear a strange sound whenever the A/C compressor is engaged. It's not audible from outside the truck, but inside with the radio off or turned down, it's very easy to hear. Almost sounds like something is scraping on something. The A/C works just fine however. Much more pressingly, I occasionally get service 4WD messages on the DIC. The 4WD works normally, but if this message appears, usually after 10-15 minutes of driving, I can not use the switch until I restart it. I have an appointment at the dealer to look at this, but if I can beat them to the solution and just have them replace the part it'd be great. Now, I don't know if the problem is the switch or something deeper, but the indicator light on the switch doesn't always illuminate. Now, at night, at the top of the switch, the word Auto lights up but the 4WD text does not. And very rarely when I start the vehicle, it places itself in 4-lo AND I get the message on the DIC immediately and I have to restart it until the switch begins to work again so I can put it back in 2WD. I strongly suspect the switch but I am worried that because the headlight switch is also acting up that I have a BCM issue. I've wanted a GMT800 for a long time and I'm glad I finally got one, but I really need these issues rectified asap. I look forward to being active in this community in the future, as I didn't buy a 2500 to tow- I bought it as a performance platform. Thanks for reading, and for any help you all can render.

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