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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    Thanks for deleting all of the answers to the questions asked without notice GM Trucks Mods. What a waste of time, and Im sure the members love not getting the information they request.
  2. Keep the rifle lubed with oil, almost wet and youll be better off. I have a case head rip off in my DPMS AR10 running Tulammo. Shooting .223 in a 5.56 is not a problem, shooting a 5.56 in a .223 barrel could be a problem. My 5.56 barrels can eat the steel case ammo, my .223 Wylde barrels do not like it at all.
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    85 is correct.
  4. Bilstein shocks thread

    You are Peter, our local Vegas customer? No problem to return those if you want to wait on the bilsteins, but we have no idea when they will actually come out, realistically its 30-90 days.
  5. Bilstein shocks thread

    No UCA required. Price point is the same as the other 6112 models on the market with MSRP of $799 for the front pair (We sell our Toyota units right under $600 for the pair) 6112 is a 2.65" Diameter shock vs the Fox 2.0" diameter. Less features & preset ride heights compared to the FOX, but they have internals and piston size of much more expensive $1000+ coilover sets. I ran the development set on the 2015 Baja 1000 course, and the 2016 & 2017 Mint 400 courses with better than expected performance.
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    Spoke with Bilstein at the show. Internal changes have held up the release of many new products. Per the Offroad Department @ the SEMA Show, the 6112s should be ready to ship by mid-Dec, they have completed production of the first batch. We are awaiting the part number then we will begin filling the pre-orders. Fingers crossed!
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    U-Turns will be hard. But if its just for a day I think you will survive.
  8. Bilstein shocks thread

    They always have one reason or another, but hopefully that is the truth. They have been due since last year. I will believe them when they arrive to our loading dock!!!
  9. Nice looking truck! So you have a few options. No need to change the lift kit, thats not what is causing the poor ride. First, you touched on it with the larger wheels and stiff offroad tires with small sidewalls. I see no need to change these out. Next, the shocks most likely are the stock ones up front under the RC spacer, with longer RC shocks out back. The stock shocks are pretty weak to begin with, so adding larger and heavier tries does not help them at all. You can replace the shock with any stock replacement such as the 5100 or ProComp shocks, and that may help a pretty decent amount. The other option is to install a full length coilover that will replace the lift kit spacer. These coilovers have a 2.5" shock diameter which is much larger than stock with more dampening capability. They also are adjustable in height/preload, so you can soften them up by backing down the lift amount. These shocks are much better and handling road imperfections and bumps, while also controlling the weigh of your wheel and tire setup. FOX, ICON and King all make a lift kit coilover shock Bilsteins - $220 a pair. (If you can wait it out a month or so, bilstein is releasing a larger 6112 version which would be better suited to your needs)
  10. 2017 silverado lift kit🤔🤔

    Kings are amazing
  11. Levelling with Fox Shocks

    Hey if its in stock (FOX is one of the worst backorder offenders, along with ICON) we try to get it shipped out the day you purchase it. Im so happy you are liking the setup!
  12. Fox 2.5 CO's with Cognito UCA installed

    Thank you so much for yours posts guys! I am grateful to have you all as customers and so pleased to see the results that you are all posting!
  13. Please let us know if we can answer any questions!

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