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  1. Just got results back from my 2014 Silverado 1500 5.3 UOA. ODO is 12,527. Miles on oil sample 4,308. OLM at 44%. Truck sees a decent amount of towing (5k lb boats) and then is a DD for the 12 mile trip to work. Fuel dilution was at 4.5% and I had just towed a boat 80 miles about 300 miles before the oil change. Oil was Pennzoil Platinum 0W-20 and Purolator Boss filter. Thoughts on this analysis? Sev3 - UOA - Copy.pdf
  2. Hi everyone, Looking at 2007-2014 Suburbans with two bench seats so the vehicle is set up for 8 passengers. I am concerned about the center seat (of the two benches) because there is no headrest there. Can anyone do me a HUGE favor and give me the dimensions of the seat backs for the second and third row bench seats? So basically from the top of the seat back (not including headrests) to where the back of your butt would be. I want to see if the kids would have their heads against the back of the seat or if they would be over top of them. Thank you so much!
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