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  1. Not a Regular cab guy for personal use but work use I'd have no use for the extra cab space. Interesting.
  2. Sounds like they are finally implementing this Delphi/Tula technology? https://youtu.be/1e_1X8jJItc
  3. I hope the higher trim packages look better than the one we saw the other day.
  4. I like the look, but with that front end something looks off. Interested to see what it looks like with the 16 grille.
  5. 8 speed trans, reprogram

    I had to tell them "A buddy had this same issue and his dealer did this reprogram and it fixed it. Made a world of difference." (Thanks to my "buddy" GM-Trucks.com) They didn't bat an eye and did any optional update for the whole truck. They did note on the service invoice that they couldn't get what I was describing to happen but they still did the reprogram.
  6. Top Truck Colors - What's Your Guess?

    Part of the reason I went with blue. Not as many of them out there.
  7. Chevy Colorado ZR2 AEV Concept - More Capable

    I don't hate the full Chevrolet on the front end.
  8. 8 speed trans, reprogram

    Night and day difference after getting this done on my 16. I still get the occasional odd shift but a lot better after the reprogram.
  9. Square Bodies 1967-72. Love the restored look to them today and still very functional.
  10. Leather wrapped shifter swap?

    That is a great idea. I have the Coco Dune interior anyone know if they make it in the Coco Dune brown or the High Country brown leather? PN for the brown? I want to say I've seen the brown wrapped ones in the LTZ Suburbans
  11. thoughts on your 2016?

    I have about 400 miles on my 16 LTZ Z71 SIlverado, love it so far coming from an 02 LTZ Trailblazer, the only thing I miss so far is the rain sensor form my Trailblazer... Drives/rides a lot different than that obviously, still getting used to the gas pedal delay on this one but I'm sure it'll come around. I already swapped the stock 20's out for Sierra All-Terrain 20s, I really like the way they look on the Chevy's.
  12. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Dealer just called yesterday letting me know it had arrived and then later sent me this.... cant wait to go get it. Hasn't been detailed yet pretty much fresh off the truck but still looking good. Now to find some take off 20's from a GMC and it'll be looking even better.
  13. Free stuff, check it out.

    New truck, new oil would be good after break in.

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