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  1. You can always go with a larger gauge wire to be safe, you can't go the other way around, using small gauge, it could melt, burn, etc etc. You can actually home electrical wiring if you want... it just doesn't look as nice.
  2. so whose going to driving around town with High beams on anyways and if people did, those idiots don't get tickets for that. I see plenty who doesn't give a hoot Seriously.. LOL even if fogs were on with high beams that reserved for rural and country driving (off road). The same as if you were to use your flood lights, there ain't nothing illegal about that.
  3. Crew cab vs double cab

    Awesome. [emoji106] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  4. that's a pretty general question, I've had my truck for almost 3 years now but haven't seen any problems with the vinyl. Even my jump center console's vinyl where I usually put my arm on. No problems for me, off course I just use wet microfiber towel to wipe it down every few weeks or when I do a car wash.
  5. Chevy Offering Huge Incentives On Malibu

    😂😂😆 I'll wait for that 25% discount.
  6. Changing stock D5S bulb

    thats cool im surprise it fits there. i had the hardest time trying to fit it.
  7. I learned something new! lol
  8. Ebay?? here's a seller from Canada https://www.ebay.com/itm/FR602-Fast-Recovery-Rectifier-100V-6A-NOS-Qty-5/142900472067?hash=item2145882903%3Ag%3A2DoAAOSwqfNXjjCT&_sacat=0&_nkw=6a%2C+100v+diode&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313
  9. Changing stock D5S bulb

    I ordered and replaced my stock with Hylux, so far it's much brighter. A pain to install but worth it IMO. I too, also removed the radiator cover and double-sided tape and zip tied it to the support arm, nice and clean. The only problem I have now is that the positive(+) wire is too short so I will eventually extend it so I can position it along the fender.
  10. Awesome. Added to list to buy
  11. if you use fuse tap, it should protect you from an overload. Which is why it's better than jumping straight with a cable.
  12. what dealerships are these deals at?
  13. Crew cab vs double cab

    LOL same here, groceries and such but with a new born.. can't do that now. DC fits infant car seats but is a pain to get in and out of. But my other car (wife's car) that I drive is the new Subaru Ascent 8 passenger so.. I use my truck for what it is.. a Truck. Haul stuff, pack stuff, drive it to work like it's just all mine.
  14. Crew cab vs double cab

    have a double cab, wish I spent the extra $ and got the crew with 6.5 bed... o well, live and learn. I'm not about to lose 10-15k on this truck to get a new one. I've also heard that some "crew" have the famous shake, so in a way I'm glad I didn't get a crew.
  15. Thanks, that would greatly help! no guessing..

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