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  1. The horrible vibration on my 15 CC was corrected by installing new Yukon Axles (rear) and rear rotors and pads.  The driveshaft was balanced, but  did not make a huge improvement. Check out the lack of mating between the axle and rotor. That will show just how bad the flange is off. The vibration was crazy betwwen 70-80 and could not go above that speed. I knew it helped as soon as I replaced them, now I just hear tire noise. The entire resonance of the truck changed.



  2. 4 hours ago, 1SLOW1500 said:

    So the right way is to call Circle D and order a better TC. At this time if you want more stall or smaller diameter or more clutches it is the time they run around $1000. But they are night and day different and will hold up vs the factory style single discs.


    Is Circle D the only company that makes a decent replacement TC?



  3. FL335i, Thank you for your post!! The part#s and wrong PN# warning were a big help.


     I installed new Yukon axles, wheel studs, brake rotors and pads. It made a significant improvement to the point that I don't dread taking this on a 1400 mile trip. I can now hear the tire to road contact over the low resonance and vibration the truck had on the highway.


    I have attached images of the axle and rotor mating surfaces. Notice some of them on have 50% at best contact and that's just on one side of the bolt circle. I imagine there would be an improvement in just pulling the rotor off and rotating it 180 degrees and reinstalling. The wheels were torqued to 125ft lbs, so it should have complete mating around each lug.





  4. Thanks for the updates on this never ending vibration saga. What is the part# breakdown and prices/vendors? It would be great to track how many of the truck vibration issues are resolved with these parts being replaced. I'm ready to make some purchases, just wanting to make sure the numbers are correct.



  5. I bought 5 gallons of this and covered the entire underside of my 15. http://www.cosmolinedirect.com/cosmoline-rust-veto-342-industrial-grade/


    I used the wax undercoating, cheap harbor freight gun and a hot plate to help get the stuff thin enough to spray. Don't get it too hot or it will release the wax that is on the truck. It's going on it's second winter with no issues or factory wax coming loose. I used a 20x30 tarp in my driveway and put the truck up on 6 ton stands with the wheels and wheel-well liners removed. Power wash the truck underneath first, let dry overnight and then start coating it. IT STINKS!! for about a week, but then the frame has a nice thick somewhat rigid coating that will melt and flow into all the crevasses. I only used a gallon and a half so there is plenty left over for future treating.

  6. 7 minutes ago, rusty503 said:

    Three, bad ground or bad negative cable at the battery.


    Check the ground at the front upper left of the dash, under the defrost cover. It is painted and then the wires are secured. If I ever have my defrost cover off, I taking the ground terminal down to bare metal and securing the wires again. There is also a known issue where one of the harnesses is pinched and wires cut open on the side of the instrument panel. It made the electrical system go crazy.




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  7. The low voltage reading is a designed. GM put a regulating system on the alernator that keeps voltage at the battery where it should be. All these years, batteries have been overcharged. 12V vs 14.5 or whatever the average alternator puts out. Just so it stays between the high and low bar on the dash.


    Mine vibrated like crazy at 70 until the dealer replaced the rear ring gear and two rear shocks. A very good rfb on new michelin tires has removed the vibrations at highway speeds. I do plan on getting a custom high speed balanced drive shaft. There is a history of issues with them. GM is not the only mfg that is dealing with out of balance shafts right now.


    Sorry you are having problems with your truck.

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  8. One more thing to add, if you are experiencing this issue, please flag it as a defect with the NTSB :




    A response from GM in the form of a recall is what we all should be pushing for on this.

    File a complaint with NTSB if yours has the issue!!


    I think the only time GM listens to customers is when the government has to step in and force them to correct issues.

  9. What is the part#? That should indicate the color. Does this have the pro check valve upgrade? When would you be able to ship this if I purchase?


    It's not the best timing for a seller, but UPR has these at $349 for March. That's why I was asking about the price.







    I can ship it tomorrow.

    How much more do want to bet me up on the price?

    Paypal is going to get $10.

    Its going to cost me $20 to ship it.

    That leaves me under $300.

    I paid $423 two months ago and I havent even unwrapped it.

  10. For the parts you are looking to replace, I would go to the dealer and ask to get the best price for all. If you order a fender or bumper online and it's damaged you will be weeks behind in your repair and still may not get a good one the second time... or third.


    I am looking to replace all the springs on my 15 with ones from a 17. The local dealer is within $50 of major internet GM parts houses. So in this case, the local dealer ends up making at a sale a better price than the online guys. This is not always true for all parts though and sometimes the local dealer is twice what the online have a part for.

  11. No service bulletin but here is the part number for the bushings 84097717


    After two days of driving I'm still pleased with the result. I still think these stock tires a junk and now that there has been some resolution to my problem I can now focus on upgrading. Looking at Cooper AT3 at the moment.

    Thanks!!! Can anyone dig up what this looks like and how hard it is to replace? All I can find is it's $32 online.

  12. just stock 18s and "factory certified" wranglers

    When the dealer had my 15 for a month, they couldn't find a better balance than my stock wheels on my big, chunky Hankook iPike snow tires. The GM tsb allows for them to pull sets off lot trucks and my dealer admitted that they were all in worse shape than the snow tires. At first they blamed a set of aftermarket wheels I had no until I sold those and put the stockers back on. They couldn't argue about snow tires as those were the best ride obtainable.


    I selling my Wranglers with 5K miles on them and getting Michelins @ $1300 from Tire Discounters. The vibration was still there. After showing the TD manager the GM vibration diagnosis buletin, he personally spent a few hours replacing two defective (brand new) michelin tires and getting the road force to under 9lbs. It road like it should on the highway, the vibrations are gone.


    Long story short,, take it somewhere that has the newest hunter balancer with the latest updates, have them turn off smart weight which saves the amount of weight but on the wheel, but can cause problems with RFB. Have a good road force balance done. They may find that you have defective tires... Which I honestly believe mine were caused by the jack-hammer front shocks these things come with from the factory. My two failed tires were both fronts.

  13. After having the steering bushings replaced with "newly engineered" ones and a u joint replaced I'm happy to report that I don't feel vibration from 70-80mph any more. Only problem now is my steering wheel cocked to the right a few degrees... I guess I can live with that for now, beats shaking down the road all day

    Could you please post what was on the work order? Part numbers replaced? Was a service bulletin referenced? Thanks!!! Any information helps us work towards getting our trucks fixed.


    I'm not sure about the new GM trucks, but my S10 had a self aligning steering column. As long as the alignment was straight, it would center itself over time.

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    The parking brake doesn't use the rotors, it uses small brake shoes like a drum brake and they contact the inside of the center of the rotor. So doesn't use the normal braking system at all. I used to do that too, just set the parking brake and then put it in park.

    I forgot about the parking brake working like that. Thanks.

  15. I bought this one on black friday for $950. We store many things in there including electronics, external drives, documents (also have encrypted copies out on the interweb) and keepsakes.




    For moisture control you can help the heaters by pulling the moisture out using silica. I bought some larger cloth bags and put this stuff in. Crushed silica on the cheap. Dries out the same as other more exspensive types.


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