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  1. Mine is having similar issues, but has actually given code P0300
  2. A mechanic friend of mine is thinking the torque converter is bad
  3. Just to give an update on the issue: I have not had enough time to inspect the U-joints yet, still planning to do so. But yesterday I had to make a trip in the truck to another town located in the foothills of the mountains near me and the 4 - lane has some steep incline in portions and the truck shook violently when I had to give it more gas for the inclined places to maintain speed limit drive. RPMs were between 2000-2300 at the time of the shaking. The only way for me to duplicate the issue is to get the truck on an incline. Flat roads don't appear to be much of an issue.
  4. My initial thought was the U-joints. I will check those and circle back with results. Thanks
  5. I had it aligned when the new tires we mounted about 2 weeks ago. Tire shop is trustworthy and the alignment shop is as well.
  6. I bought my '97 Silverado from the original owner a few weeks ago. 149k miles on it when i purchased. It needed some attention after purchase such as: New tires, new belt tensioner, new pitman arm, new sway bar links, new Valve Body in Trans, new A/C system O-rings, But my issue is at 40-45 mph and 65-70 mph, the truck will shake badly until I accelerate or decelerate to a different speed. And yes the wheels and tires are balanced correctly as far as I know. the truck itself drives great until you get to these speeds. I notice it the most driving through local towns as the speed limits are either 35 & 45mph. I notice the higher speed issue on the 4 lanes I travel on from time to time. Could this just be fault U joints? I do hear a noticeable "pop" when I put the truck in gear when I begin my trip to work ,etc. Just want to track down the cause and have this truck driving as nice as it looks. Any input and advice is appreciated, -Brandon
  7. Do you know where to find the ground wire locations?
  8. I've never had a problem with other vehicles.
  9. When I plug in my OBD-II scanner on my 97 Silverado, the radio cuts off and the speakers pop very loudly. Is this a ground issue or a common problem? My 96 Sierra never did this.
  10. Just wonder what brands of LED lights you guys are using for the courtesy lights inside the cab. There's a ton to choose from on Amazon, but most of the "cheaply" made bulbs don't last very long. I'm looking to change my 194 bulbs to LED for brighter lighting at night when doors are open. Also looking at Auxbeam headlight LEDs -Brandon
  11. Was there an option to have bumper mounted fog lights on the later 90's K1500/GMT400? I've never seen one personally, I've seen pictures of Tahoe's, Suburban's with them. But not the trucks. I just happen to be on an auto parts site looking for something totally unrelated to this, but saw it in the parts listed on the page. Anyone seen these from the factory? I've thought of adding fog lights to my 1997 Silverado, but didn't want to drill anything. -Brandon
  12. My dad has a 2001 S10 that has been having some trouble recently. I finally had time to connect my scanner to it and I found the following CEL Codes. P0128 P0171 P0174 P0341 I've researched these codes some, and I believe I can fix the first and last one. Not sure about P0171 & P0174. I read where it could be a vacuum leak, and I do have a testing device for that, but I visually inspected the vacuum lines yesterday and didnt find any apparent leaks. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Brandon

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