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  1. Remote Start on '07 z71

    Well I checked all the fuses under the hood. Are there any under the dash that I should check? I saw the circuit breaker box but no fuses unless I didn't look in the right place. Remote start is on in the DIC. I'm not sure what would be stopping it other than a faulty FOB. When I press the button nothing even happens on the truck. Can I pick one up at a parts store or does it need to be GM? Thanks,
  2. Remote Start on '07 z71

    I will say that my Key FOB isn't in the best condition. The button emblems have been rubbed off.
  3. Remote Start on '07 z71

    Mine is the new body style 2007 z71. I will check the FOB and fuses next. It is turned on in the DIC on the truck. I checked that first.
  4. Remote Start on '07 z71

    Yes it works for the door locks. No OBD2 codes that I see on my scanner
  5. Remote Start on '07 z71

    it’s all OEM
  6. I am trying to troubleshoot the remote start on my '07 z71. I have tried it several times with mixed results. First of all, it has never actually started. I've heard the engine attempt to start, but it sounded like a single click and stopped (lights came on and such). The truck did have a check engine light on for awhile related to EVAP and throttle which and been fixed and the CEL has been off for atleast 2 weeks now. Could the key FOB be weak on battery or something at the truck end still not allowing remote start to work? Also what is the time limit for remote start? I'm not familiar with it, does the engine have a cool down period or does the truck need to be locked, etc? Thanks, Brandon
  7. Apparently the new pedal fixed it. Light has been off since replacement.
  8. It is the new body style. I'll try to pick one up at the parts store today
  9. Sorry on my part too, it's been a busy morning. So the 1st sensor would be the one on the throttle body correct?
  10. Not sure what you mean by "two right along". The only one I'm aware of is attached to the accelerator pedal.
  11. My '07 Z71 has been giving me the P0121 code for awhile and I noticed when I run the live data on my reader, that TP % stays around 25 % when the truck is at idle. Is that normal? Seems like it should be close to 0% when the throttle isn't being pressed. What should I check? I do have a replacement accelerator pedal w/ sensor from AC Delco Any recommendations are appreciated! -Brandon
  12. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I'm a noob at this stuff. Only code i have is the P0455. Is there any particular way to test the emission evap system? Or should I just replace that part? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D8VLULK/?coliid=I2LDZE7C9488QR&colid=2306JRB4EQXZK&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  13. I've researched the P0455 code as much as I can. I understand it to be the evap emission system. does that not have vacuum? I've seen guys smoke testing vacuum and diagnosing the P0455 code
  14. Thanks, someone must have missed this before I owned the truck. It's had code P0455 which I know can be related to other things, but I figured this could be the issue also.
  15. So I just happen to notice there is a vacuum port on the passenger side of the intake manifold that is not connected to anything or plugged. Is this port supposed to be left open or should it be capped with something? I ran a DIY smoke test on my 5.3 to further investigate a CEL relative to large vacuum leak. Similar to the picture below. The one pictured below appears to have a rubber cap. Mine does not. Thanks, Brandon

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