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  1. Had the windshield in my brother's old Camaro replaced. OEM windshield had no issues (other than the big crack right above the line of vision). First new one had a wave RIGHT in the middle of line of sight. They replaced it for free. Second new one has a wave low in the middle. Doesn't interfere with driving, but you'll occasionally catch it. Go OEM.
  2. Love those style wheels What prompted the change?
  3. The range calculator has time and time again proven to be accurate within a couple of miles. If that is spot on, I trust the fuel economy calculator. I'd trust it more than anything the government certifies. Sure, the gas pump is checked repeatedly for accuracy. By the government. Somehow that is less reassuring to me. Besides, hand calculations are based on how much fuel is pumped into the tank, which does not always equal what is pumped out. That's happened a few times before, I go to fill a partial tank to get to my intended destination, fill what I calculate to be sufficient, and I end up overfilling. But that's just my personal views. YMMV.
  4. Hey Boss, why you still here? -My truck is out of juice! No charge, which is weird, cause I charged it all last night. Gotta wait for roadside assistance. Did you do anything with it today? -Yeah, had my radio and power tools charging off it all day. Why? *Snorts* No reason. See you later!
  5. Should get the beast back Monday. Then the fun begins.
  6. Like what? He's in the paint booth. Buzzed down there during lunch. Not outside, not downstairs, and both paint booths were closed. Closer! I do like my rental though, 2018 JK Wrangler Unlimited. Kinda fun to toss around!
  7. 137,200 and counting. Condenser called it quits the middle of September, and the radiator leak is slowly growing. Have parts for those, currently he's in the shop for deer damage though. Going strong otherwise!
  8. Yick. That was last night here, snowed a few inches. Was 4 below when I dropped Clyde off at the body shop. Always a weird and sad feeling leaving your pride and joy with somebody else. Enterprise didn't have anything today, likely Wednesday I'll have a car. Chumps.
  9. I've spent the past couple of years getting acquainted with UP steam! That first video was the day I got to see him in person for the first time. A very impressive beast! They had some fun with 3985 back in the day... would love to see her on the rails but it doesn't look promising.
  10. GM Spec is Dex VI ATF, so Nick's got you covered.
  11. Those are nice. Not diarrhea bad but they just plop out on their own.
  12. BINGO People under 30 are the most entitled, over celebrated, under-worked, overrated, nonperforming bunch in the world. Yes, I will be 29 in January, and I'm not perfect, I am guilty of it from time to time, but I like to think i follow the old-timer mindset. Some of these young women who work as aides and nurses think they're literally saving lives for a living and having a massive impact on people. No sweetie, you're a glorified ass-wiping pill pusher. Get over yourself.
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