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  1. The brighter bulbs tend to flame out sooner, but for me the improved light output is worth it. My most recent set of Nightbreaker Lasers flamed out at 6 months or 23k miles....I have NO problem seeing anything at night though. That's awesome you get to drive old sections of US 66. I do that a lot with US 30 out here. Some is service road, some is WY highway (that is a huge project all its own I thoroughly enjoy) and some is being lost to mother nature. Last week I covered a stretch of the old Lincoln highway as designated by several maps. Near the end of the stretch, NE of Green River, I felt like I was getting the full 1913 experience....washouts, mudholes to avoid, and washboarding that turned into repeating potholes!
  2. You need to take the Deep Purple out of her sound system...she thinks she's a highway star! XD Glad it's settling in better, sounds like you've got it cleaned up well. Wonder why the QS UD didn't do well...I have no issues, but I may drive differently. Something I've heard from old timers on the Cadillac forum, if you have pulsations on braking, you can 'clean' the brakes. Get 'er up to speed on a suitable stretch of highway, and from highway speed, BURY the dead pedal down to ~20 mph. DO NOT STOP, and get up to speed again. Repeat 2-3 times, then go for a cooldown cruise. Seemed to work for me.
  3. Nice! That does look cool, and it is unique! You did the bed too right?
  4. For sale is a Knee pad or dash trim plate for K2 Chevrolet Silverados. This is the trim plate that is directly below the steering wheel, and is directly in front of the driver's knees when the driver is seated. This trim plate is in good shape. The only reason I replaced it is because one of the retainer legs broke. I had it superglued on for some time, but when I removed the pad for service I broke it off again. The leg is naturally included with the trim plate. This is a perfect piece for somebody looking to modify this trim plate but not wanting to damage the one that came with their truck. $35 or best offer. Thank you for looking!
  5. These are Genuine Chevrolet parts, no knockoffs here!
  6. Here we have a set of 4 Chevrolet Center Caps. They feature the textured Gold Bowtie as found on K2 Silveradoes. Finished in what Chevrolet calls Bright Aluminum, these center caps go with polished aluminum wheels such as the RD4 wheels found on my Silverado, as well as LT Silverados from 2014-2018. They are in good used condition, they spent about 11 months on my truck in all kinds of Wyoming weather, so there are signs of wear, but they shine up very nice and are ready for more service. $50 for the set, or best offer. I have a set on my truck and another spare set, so I am looking to move these. Make me an offer! Thank you for looking, and have a great day!
  7. With the mad dash to maximize fuel economy, I imagine extra space has been minimized so they can pack as much stuff as possible in to as small of a space as possible.
  8. I'm surprised at how civil the discussion has been, good on you guys. Perhaps our politicians could learn a thing or two. JimCost2014 makes an excellent point, good things to keep in mind. I am curious to see if the general public, as well as those in charge of disaster preparation, will learn a valuable lesson from this. I have a sinking feeling the answer will be absolutely not, but you never know, there may be hope.
  9. Naaah you'll be fine
  10. Shop Chevy Parts is good people. Great shipping speed, great prices, and great customer service. Unpaid advertisement by me haha
  11. They are part of a level kit. Most dealers would claim that adversely affects the drivetrain.
  12. If you don't feel it needs it, it's not necessary, GM doesn't recommend a service interval for regular use. That being said, preventative maintenance never hurt.
  13. You never know.... looking good dude, the K2s actually look pretty good sans door trim. Helps they have body lines, where the GMT900s did NOT
  14. The plan is to avoid that approach haha! No woman in my life to voice displeasure at collection of said tools...so far so good!
  15. Sounds like you take great care of your rig, and it shows. Well done! Yeah man, new vehicle is nice, but if you like what you have, and repairs are reasonable, makes sense to spruce up what you got and keep enjoying it. They do go forever.
  16. My service consists of a drain and fill, as well as a filter change. I did a drain and fill at 35k and 71k. My next drain and fill, at 116k, made use of the new blue label Mobil One Fluid specified by GM. My most recent drain and fill did the same, and that was at 148k. Transmission shifts well through all gears, seems to do even better when I romp on it. The 1-2 shift is a bit firm here lately, especially when the trans is at operating temp (160s to 170s), so I scheduled an appointment at my preferred GM dealer to get a relearn done, since I've never done that before. The 1-2 shift started after towing my parts car back from California, and that radically altered my driving habits for 1000 miles, so I think a relearn would help.
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