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  1. We are beyond the days of OBD I with blinking digita codes. You'd think with 8" TV screens and computer controlled connectivity they would eliminate the need for the owner to use an interface device and project it directly on the screen......if OnStar can read the trouble codes, they should be able to iaccess it through the DIC instead of having just a stupid engine light.

  2. All leather backseat? - I don't think so....auto makers have been scamming us for a long time with their "leather" option ........The sticker on my '16 Silverado Z71's $1,195 option reads: "Seats...front leather appointed seating surfaces and heated driver and front passenger". That means that the portion of the seats where your ass and back touch are leather, every other surface is a very nice polymer substitute and since the sticker doesn't even mention the rear seats, it's likely they are all polymer surfaces. And even the "leather" is not a skin how it comes off the animal, but "bonded leather", i.e. ground leather micro dust bonded with a polymer and "painted", not tanned, just like many sofas on the market.

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