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  1. They charged 491.67 for the radiator and 600 for labor. Yeah I can do a claim on my insurance but still don't get how they are claiming that ice from the road must have got in the engine compartment and caused the damage. Last time I checked its a truck, driving down a road with ice is no different than driving down a gravel road. So something came off the road, went past the skid plates, into the fan shroud, and hit the radiator? Prior to dropping if off the truck at the dealership there was no signs of a radiator leak. If like they say the radiator blew when they were testing it at 3000RPM wouldn't there have been signs of Dexcool inside the engine compartment? What I think happen but no one will ever admit. They left a tool inside the engine compartment crank the engine say oh shit what was that and discovered they caused a hole because if radiator were under pressure there would have been dexcool everywhere. Anyway nothing I can do to prove anything. They continue to claim a piece of ice from the road must have caused the damage
  2. Yeah I ponied up the $1400 to fix the rad, I mean I cant prove they did something wrong. I could have bought a radiator online for 238.00 bucks but risk losing my seven year warranty on a truck I bought only four months ago. Hole was on engine side makes no sense but dealership wont admit wrong doing
  3. The wire was the harness going to the radiator temp sensor. The radiator was damaged on the inside engine side NOT the grill side facing the outside elements. The damage to the radiator was inside the fan shroud. So how would a rock get past the skid plates under the truck into the engine compartment, into the shrouded area between fan and radiator and damage the radiator in 3 spots putting a pin hole in one spot. I went out took photos of it at the dealership and told them I'm keeping the old radiator. Anyway 1,400 bucks later I got my truck back but still no idea how the radiator was damaged in the first place.
  4. I have a 2016 Duramax High Country I took to the dealership because engine light was on. It was discovered that a mouse had chewed up one of my wires and repair would not be covered under warranty. That's fine replace the wire harness and let me know when I can pick it up. Now they called me and said wire harness is replaced but there is a hole in the radiator saying I must have picked up a rock while driving and damaged it, this will cost 1,400 and its not covered under warranty. This seems shady to me how I have multiple areas on the inside of the engine compartment of the radiator that are damaged and one being a pin hole Service guy is telling me maybe ice from the road got in there but there was no radiator problem when I dropped off my truck
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