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  1. You wont have any issues with the G80 as long as you keep the fluid changed and dont beat on it. My 1998 has a G80 locker and still works great after 20 years and almost 200,000 miles. I would inquire at the dealer where you purchased the truck about installing one there. It probably wont be cheap but they will be able to source the parts.
  2. Either a junkyard truck or ordered online. I would search junkyards
  3. You're gonna burn up that 4L60e very fast. I recommend against it entirely. Find a 4L80e and use that instead. The 454 will use different engine mounts because its a big block compared to the small block 350. As far as the PCM i would think you're going to need one for a 454. It either wont run at all or will run like poop. The bolt patter for the bell housing will be the same but the torque converter for the 4L60e will probably not fit. So you will need a different flexplate.
  4. Chances are you will be fine. But, you'll probably want all the gearing you can get if you plan on towing heavy.
  5. It seems like this could be fuel related but usually that would throw a code. Has anything come up on the dash? Maybe try adding some fuel system cleaner (whatever brand you prefer) for the next couple tanks of fuel. Did the aftermarket intake change anything or was the problem happening before?
  6. Ive actually had my 1998 weighed and it does have the 350 but I can tell you that number is accurate. My truck came in at 4050 lbs and had a light tank of fuel and no one in it. So with the larger engine its probably realistic. Also these trucks are not named Silverado or Sierra. Those are just trims. If its 4WD is a K1500, for 2WD its C1500. 1999 was the first year for calling them a Silverado or Sierra.
  7. Interesting setup right there. Never seen anyone do that.
  8. Well the 3500 is built on a different platform. Its still on the regular 3500 platform using its front end and cab. Thats why it gets the 6.0
  9. I also just realized they arnt offering a gas engine choice. Diesel is the only one from the looks of that website.
  10. Im not sure how I feel about them. The front end almost looks like a Photoshop accident. But, im not in the market for a heavy duty truck so I suppose it doesnt matter.
  11. Probably one of those. How are your ball joints?
  12. Cost of the parts wouldnt be to bad if you were to do this yourself. But having a shop do it would be a nightmare. They would probably take 2 full days of labor if not 3 to take the engine out, replace the rear cover, probably replace other seals that are leaking and then replace the engine. Lots and lots of money. Around 1500 in labor and parts with the shops markup on parts as well. And thats with a $60 an hour shop rate.
  13. I was wondering what year would be good to fit my truck with new mirrors. I have power mirrors currently and I would like to keep them power in the future. What year would fit the bolt pattern? Im pretty sure to do this swap I need to drill a 4th hole right? Wheres a good place to get the mirrors?
  14. Sounds like something from the belt. Check the tensioner and any idler pulley. The dealership will probably sort it out quickly under warranty.
  15. Weight depends on what temps the rear end will see. Climate also can play into that as well.
  16. Yeah its hard to not bring politics into something like this. I hate to see American companies hurting because of tax and having to buy more expensive material. 1 billion would definitely cut into profit and could cause cost cutting elsewhere.
  17. Yeah they have totally different frames. They will be a few inches off on both sides and many not even fit with your bumper. There wont be any holes either for hardware.
  18. Im not entirely sure with this generation. If no one on here can help I would try a dedicated GMT400 forum. It seems this forum is aimed more towards newer trucks.
  19. Its a 10 year old truck. Undercoat it and keep the salt off of it to keep it decent. My 2008 GMC did the same thing.
  20. It might already have one. Go to a shop with a decent scanner and see if they can pick it up. If not then you will have to add one.
  21. My preference would definitely be the Cooper Discoverer AT3. They come in a E rating and have excellent tread wear. And good traction in all conditions. They will last you well.
  22. Blown fuses? What have you checked so far? Could be a bad ground somewhere.
  23. Do you have spark? Did it run before you did the repairs.
  24. Fair enough. From what ive seen some of these trucks like to shake and just not stop.
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