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  1. Enclosed will be a bit heavier and be affected by the wind more but your 3/4 ton should tow it well. I cant recommend a brand for enclosed trailers but keep us updated.
  2. Check your door jambs and your RPO codes. This doesnt seem like any other conversions. I dont know a company that would install a power seat and some graphics and call it new and improved.
  3. Why you guys calling him out? hes just posting updates on what he found with his truck. I thought this was the idea for the website.
  4. Are they only anchored to the sheet metal? I feel like they would be anchored to something more substantial like a plate or the cab structure.
  5. Doesnt look like it. The seat could have just been replaced. Usually its pretty obvious if a company got to it after production for upgrades.
  6. Its not that its necessarily going to fail at a certain point. But it does have serious reliability issues and if your engine were to drop a valve then you can pretty much kiss it goodbye. Much cheaper to yank it out if you plan to keep the rig for the long run. As you will probably get more issues if you decide to keep it later down the road.
  7. So with that info I definitely retract what I said before about it not being a vacuum issue. It sounds like you lost the "power" out of your power brakes.
  8. Its a GMT-800 truck instead of the GMT-400 platform that the OP has. Usually the half ton pickups are the first to get the changes then the SUVs and medium duty trucks
  9. It sure is an interesting problem. Hopefully someone has an idea. There are a lot of folks out there with these year trucks.
  10. So what you posted here says that if you can spin your distributer when its in the block something is wrong. I recently "timed" my truck when I did the intake manifold gasket. You definitely cant move the distributor more than 1 degrees when its in the block.
  11. The pedal wouldnt sink to the floor if he lost vacuum pressure. I would do the opposite and be harder to push.
  12. They arnt bad engines if you properly maintain them just like any other. Or most other engines. They get a lot of hate from having their issues but they are a modern day engine that has to confine with modern day emissions. Getting a Vortec 350 to be as efficient and make the same power a 5.3 can is a tall task.
  13. You cant rotate the distributor at all on these trucks. Once it goes down into the intake, theres only one way it fits. If its off, then you have to be off a tooth on the gear or on the computer. You need a proper scanner to change the timing.
  14. Anything pre AFM. Get as close to it as you can which might be like 2006? The newer the engine the easier they are to work on. I just wouldn't want to mess with AFM even though you can disable it and put in a different cam and lifter setup. I would think it would be easier to not even worry about it.
  15. Makes me feel good about having bought a set recently.
  16. It depends how the kit levels the truck. If youre getting new control arms, which im not sure you can get with just a level, youd probably be okay. But some cheaper levels just crank the front end up and change the geometry around.
  17. Maybe a maroon closer in color to the shade of the truck? I could see that looking good.
  18. Go with the 2500. You wont regret it for towing and it would still be very nice in a Denali.
  19. Not sure how many miles are on the truck but its likely that it could have lived a hard life. Nice new fluid might get rid of the noise for a little while but eventually it will come back because soothing is worn out.
  20. Are you keeping the stock injection system? Im not that familiar with that particular intake manifold but if you're already running a different cam I would also change the tune anyway. Youll be happy with a custom tune.
  21. Its a different suspension style. They set up their max tow to use just the traditional style suspension that doesn't come with the denali.
  22. A 265/85R16 is nearly a 34 inch tire. But i would see running 33 with no trimming as long as they wernt crazy wide. A 35 might require some trimming.
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