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  1. Is that tire at the correct inflation or is the tire size of that tire different than the others? What is the tire size for all of your tires? a couple inches could be the result of a low tire or it could be a completely wrong size. It definitely would change the speedometer reading if you have the incorrect size tire. It would also probably cause ABS reading issues because the rear end would be spinning at a different rate compared to the front.
  2. Measure how tall the dire is (diameter) to see if they are different than stock size. Stock is somewhere around 31''.
  3. I know its late. Im here now though.
  4. Just checking online with rock auto, a good ball joint is going to run you about $10-$20. Upper and lower control arms will be around triple that completely assembled. It depends if you want to pay that much more just to save the hassle of removing old ball joints. But, you also get new bushings. These bushings are only worth about $10 at most.
  5. What is the oil looking like? Did it ever run with no pressure? Pretty good indication that you might have spun a bearing and toasted it. Listening to it again it sounds a little too rough to be an exhaust leak. I noticed in the video it looked like the gauge or pressure sending unit was toasted so you probably don't have a way to read the actual pressure. I would assume the worst with rod knock.
  6. I would probably say engine knock with a little of manifold leak also. Did the problem just come up or has it been getting progressively worse? Kinda hard to tell based off of just the sound.
  7. I believe these trucks can fit around a 33'' tire without any rubbings. I had a 33'' on my 2500. Do you want to keep the stock load ratings or go higher? I've always used cooper tires and never had any problems and good tread life. Currently running the M+S, decent cheap tire. I think the Cooper Discover STT Pro plays the part of a mud tire more. As for new wheels it all depends on what size and type. Black steelies can be found for very cheap and are fairly durable. But, you have to pick a wheel size that matches the tire. If it were me, I would get the same rim size that came stock on the truck. However, if you can find a set of stock wheels off of a GMT900 (07-13) They will also bolt up and give you a 17' wheel. Any of these wheel sizes will allow plenty of choices for tires.
  8. In terms of gaskets I would change a few while you have a new engine on the stand or on a lift. I would do the oil pan and rear main seal. If you end up having to do this while its in the truck you'll wish you did it before. You might also consider doing the intake manifold gasket as well but that can be done in the truck with less difficulty. Obviously a good set of sockets and crescent wrenches will be necessary. Take as many pictures as you can as you take things apart to help you remember where lines and wires are routed. Labeling things can help also. Basically a really good sense of organization will help the project run smoothly. You will also have to decide if the transmission is also coming out with the engine.
  9. Not sure if you've tried it or not but it won't hook right up. The '98 trans has different sensor connectors compared to the '97.
  10. 140 amp is as large as it gets for these trucks however, I believe most came with either a 100 amp or 105 amps.
  11. I would check O2 sensor and also fuel pump pressure. Incorrect pressure coming from the fuel pump can create a mishap with the injectors. Same thing happened to my '98 turned out the pump was pushing around 100 PSI and the rest of the system didn't like it.
  12. I would be more worried about that alternator than the temp sensor! lol
  13. Compare pictures of the 30 gallon tank vs. the 25 gallon tank. Try and see where the two tanks are different then check your truck to see what would get in the way of the larger tank. Given the different style of the truck and different wheelbase it might be more difficult. The sending units are most likely the same thing (GM Engineering) but you'll probably have to extend the fuel lines or reroute them. As long as there's space i would assume the 30 gallon tank straps would work.
  14. I believe anything that's '92-'97 will work. It'll bolt up to any SBC but depending on the year the plugs may not match up.
  15. Howdy I've got a '98 Chevy K1500 with a 5.7 and the 4L60E. I bought the truck a few months ago with 183,000 miles. The past owner had changed the fluid and filter about 20,000 miles ago. (With documentation). Ever since I've been driving the truck, it's slow to shift into reverse and drive. There's no slipping once it's in gear. It just takes a second or two for it to engage either reverse or 1st. No shifting problems after that. I wouldn't be surprised if the trans was on it's way out, any suggestions?
  16. Howdy, I have a 1998 Silverado 1500 with a 350. I bought the truck for parts but I might decide to fix it. The truck runs however water seems to dump out from underneath the AC compressor. The cooling system doesn't stay pressurized and the water comes out as fast as I can put it in. There's no coolant in the oil and it doesn't seem to burn any either. So I'm leaning towards it not being a headgasket. Any other ideas?
  17. Hey guys, I've been searching for a while to find a used radiator for my 1982. It has the 6.2 diesel and an auto transmission. Recently I purchased the correct sized radiator without the trans cooler. If I were to get a universal HD trans cooler, would I be able to use this newer radiator and cooler? The cooler comes with relocation lines and everything that's needed. I've never swapped a radiator before but taking the old one out was not as difficult as imagined. Just looking for a conformation that these separate units will work.
  18. Hey guys, I bought my first square body from a farmer who used to to haul manure. This truck is in pretty rough shape but mechanically sound. It has the 6.2 diesel and TH-400 transmission. 8600lb GCVW Short cab with a long bed. Fairly base with a few selected options. Any tips or tricks that are good to know for this year and engine?
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