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  1. It wont be fast. Other than that, should be fine as long as your tires are load rated.
  2. Id say replace it now while youre doing all that other work. Use nice fluid if you plan on letting them go for 45 to 50k
  3. Sounds like you got a bad battery if the cables are tight and making good connection. See what NAPA says. Any warranty on the battery? What brand was it?
  4. They did. Solved the problem. Sounds like you got your problem fixed.
  5. Sell the 4 ply or return them. Even on the front they will just wear out quickly. Plus, what happens when you have to rotate your tires?
  6. Id say its really his decision on what he wants to do with his money. But, it is good to have a voice of reason sometimes. If he keeps his wheels and his current gearing it wouldn't be the most expensive modification. Especially if he needs new tires anyway.
  7. I had an issue similar to that on my 2008. Turned out to be the fuel pump putting out weird pressures. Id bring it somewhere and have them check it out with a good scan tool. Is the check engine light on?
  8. What do you have currently for gearing?
  9. Probably need the harness if it didnt originally come with all the options that the new seats have.
  10. Greaseable for sure if you remember to actually grease it. Moog makes good parts. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/gmc,1989,r3500+pickup,7.4l+454cid+v8,1164103,drivetrain,universal+joint,2392 Stick to the heavy duty section.
  11. You probably wont have any issues. Show up with 6 grand cash. Id be surprised if he said no to that. Its worth decent money but not a whole lot more than that.
  12. Almost sounds like youre getting intermittent power to the fuel pump. Maybe you have a bad ground somewhere in that circuit. Especially if the pump isnt kicking on when you turn your key.
  13. If your Dad has owned the truck for a decent while and had no issues I wouldn't expect any. They do have transmission issues and AFM issues but usually they show themselves before too long. I would definitely pull the trigger since you knew the past owner personally. Especially if he maintained the truck well.
  14. Security light on the dash? GM anti theft has caused me trouble in the past. I have heard of the issue with removing radios and the vehicle going into an anit-theft immobilization mode. Not sure how to fix it though
  15. This truck is a disgrace to the 60-61 trucks. I'm not sure where you're drawing your similarities from but I don't see it.
  16. Good luck getting a trans for a 92 from your local dealer. I cant get a reman GM trans for my 98. The 92 and 93 was during some cross over years so it really depends on what trans each truck has. You could get them to work but the model of transmissions would decide how much work it would take.
  17. Should be, but hinges or latch might be different.
  18. Id make sure that all your wires and grounds are connected correctly. If you kept the same airbag I couldnt see why it would go bad.
  19. It depends if the cable from the 700R4 is mechanical or not. My bet is for some reason they wont work. Might want to start checking junkyards or just run it without an odometer.
  20. Probably the actuator under the dash that changes where the air flows out of. I've never had to replace one but it sounds like something could be wrong with that.
  21. Either a bubble in the system or you partially plugged your rad. Wouldn't surprise me if it was both. Could be a sensor or just an unrelated issue as well.
  22. Platform wise with the suspension and brakes of the 2015 you will get a much nicer that feels a little more secure. However im not that sure about noticeable power difference. You're loosing a lot of rear end gearing. I would definitely look for a truck that has more towing options as stated before. I've towed about 7700 lbs of TT with a 2008 and it was definitely a white knuckle ride. Stepping up to a 2500 might not be worth it if you also use the truck as a daily driver. If its more of a summer toy / just used for towing the trailer id spring for a 2500.
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