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  1. Alright ill pull out my calculator and get you some RPM numbers, I'm figuring that you'll want to know about 2, 3, 4 and 5th gears since that would keep you at a good speed. This is calculated with a 265/75R17 With your 3.42 running at 65 on the highway in 5th gear you're turning about 2100 RPM. With a 3.73 at 65 in 5th you're running about 2300 RPM. 4th gear: 3.42 at 65 MPH = 2850 RPM 4th gear: 3.73 at 65 MPH = 3100 RPM 3rd gear: 3.42 at 65 MPH = 3790 RPM 3rd gear: 3.73 at 65 MPH = 4100 RPM 2nd gear: 3.42 at 65 = 5850 RPM 2nd gear: 3.73 at 65 = 6400 RPM Now obviously you would red line before you hit 65 in second gear with probably both ratios. But you'd get about a 200-300 RPM bump overall at highway cruising speed. Good if you already have it but it might not be worth it if you have to change it.
  2. I guess its high mileage for the year. Whoever drove it put about 20k on per year. I wouldn't worry about it though.
  3. With a six lug wheel I would think that you would overload the truck before the wheels were called into question anyway.
  4. Bought my interstate battery in 2009 and it still started the truck all last winter with no issues. I think its just a crap shoot how long they last. If you're hesitating though, get it checked and then look into a reputable brand.
  5. Sounds like the ignition was either hooked up wrong or not aligned properly. Have you tried using your old ignition?
  6. Looks good to me. LSD will definitely help with slick roads. It wont affect 4WD. For an extra 200 I would spring for the LSD. It looks like the kit has everything.
  7. That probably has to do with the amount of load being placed on the truck at certain speeds. If its not U-joints then it could be a lot of different things.
  8. Sounds like it hit something in the front that broke some parts. So they left some out when repairing to keep the costs down.
  9. I doubt the airbag itself is bad. Most likely the sensor in the front end. Sometimes they get a little corrosion and decide not to work. Start with that. Or get the code scanned that would tell you more.
  10. Handiest thing ever. Couldn't imagine not having one. The ease and convenience of 6 feet of open cargo space is perfect. Mines got a name as well. I learned to drive in one and I was actually brought home in one.
  11. Ive run them on two different vehicles. A jeep and my truck. Excellent tire that still looked very good at around 25,000 miles. My grandfather has a set that he bought when his original tires on his Tacoma wore out. He has about 40k on them now and they just barely dont have enough tread to run them in winter. He could probably get another summer or two out of them.
  12. If the bearings are bad then replace them. Use moog for anything steering and front end related. That'll last you. You should be able to get the pit man arm off but it will be a long time laying on your back. Same with the idler. Also I advice most people to explore other GMT-400 related forums because there isn't that many guys left on this forum with GMT-400 trucks. The ones that are here will help you out.
  13. Will not bolt right up lol. The bolt pattern for the bell housing will bolt up. Everything else wont. The distances probably wont be the same. You'll need a different flex plate. Not to mention you wouldn't be able to run the trans without some kind of controller because your 4L60 is electronically controlled and the TH350 is not. Different driveshafts as well because its a different length. Dont waste your time and money. Spend a bit more on a used 4L60e or just rebuild yours when it goes. TH350's are good transmissions but they dont have overdrive. It would probably hold up to the 5.3 for a while but youd be happier with a 4L60e.
  14. Best bet is to find the RPO sticker in the glove box. It most likely has a NV4500 which is a very stout trans. Probably has 3.73 rear end. Maybe a 4.10. In a one ton truck I would expect a 4 bolt main 350 so you lucked out there. If you get the RPO sticker I would be able to help you out more.
  15. Ive had mine on the scan tool and it doesn't do that with the radio on. Sounds like you have a bad ground or wire somewhere. The question is where...
  16. If they were good batteries they would be okay. I would assume they're good batteries as its a brand new truck. It will shorten the lifespan. I think you would be better off leaving them in it with them connected and running the truck once a month. You dont need to drive it anywhere. Just let it idle and warm up. If you cant do that, then take them out and put them somewhere. I store mine in the basement but I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't recommended.
  17. What about these? https://www.carid.com/1998-chevy-tahoe-rocker-panels-floors/
  18. Nice combo right there. Hopefully it wont go anywhere now. I used thread locker on mine last time too. I figured it wouldn't hurt.
  19. Sadly, its the way the world is going. Some people disagree with global warming/climate change and that's their opinion. Keep those old trucks on the road as long as you can. Someday, you wont be able to buy a gasoline vehicle anymore.
  20. 4WD actuators sometimes fail. As long as you change all the fluids you should be good. And I mean all of the fluids. Everything from the coolant to the rear end oil. If you do that it should treat you very well. I cant think of anything else that fails often.
  21. Yup, too much pressure. Sounds liked it worked the pump too hard and burned it out.
  22. Pull out your multi meter and start testing for power. See if you have power to the fuel pump fuse.
  23. A half ton will tow it. Just not the fastest and the ride wont be the most comfortable. We had a 2008 that we towed around a 7500-8000lb TT with. We were never afraid of it letting us down but the engine was constantly floored and moving in 2nd gear. Trucjk was optioned with max tow and had 3.73s. The trans never went about 220 and we ran it in drive with tow haul on. If we had kept the camper we would have stepped up to a 3/4 diesel. For around 2000lbs less, I would not be afraid of the half ton unless youre towing everyday. Weekends are fine. I know your truck has a tow package but whats the rear gearing? I bet it will tow it just fine.
  24. Usually the 4x4 on these trucks works pretty well besides that actuator occasionally going out. So you've verified that the actuator works. I couldn't tell you how far it actually goes out, that measurement would be hard to find anywhere. Are you sure it was seated all the way when you installed it into the truck? Either that or it sounds like you have problems internally.
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