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  1. Personally I think a lot of guys are just worried about another part that wears out under the hood. Turbos are usually durable but with mistreatment they can wear out. Most engines will be fine when you do maintenance regularly.
  2. Brought a derby car to the scrap yard a few days back. Had my co pilot with me. Definitely a little older than what most guys are towing with around here. I wouldnt mind a newer truck to tow with but I still love my 1998 for daily driving or light work.
  3. Probably could take whatever front bumper / air dam off of a tahoe with the option and use that for mounting.
  4. I looked up the parts on rock auto and all they listed was the 14 bolt with the 11.5in rear end for 3500's. I dont think there was a more heavy duty option. Id say you're safe.
  5. Go to your local hardware store. Easier and less expensive. Paint them black if you dont want to see the silver. They're not high stress bolts.
  6. Heres one: https://www.dieselpowerproducts.com/p-8046-diamond-eye-turbo-back-exhaust-chevy-65l-diesel-1993-2000-k4102a.aspx
  7. I think MBRP makes one for these trucks. Ill look for a link. What year? Which turbo does it have?
  8. Should be covered by warranty. Youre not the first person its happened to. I dont think they would put up a fight. Especially with how bad it is.
  9. 4L is definitely pretty handy when you have it. I wouldn't want to get a 4x4 truck without it. I wouldn't say I use it as much for traction purposes but more for getting a better gear when moving something.
  10. Was he pressing the button that looks like a snowflake? Thats the AC button on these trucks which kicks on the compressor. Try pressing that with the outside air button on.
  11. Trailer brakes might also be an option. You didn't say if the trailer had them or not but 3500 lbs is enough to warrant some if you're towing often. Im curious to see what happened to the stock rotor. Sounds like it warped to me.
  12. Well I changed it and it had about 700 miles put on since. Shifts fine still and havnt had any issues with slipping. I think It helped but who knows. It could blow up tomorrow. It could have blown up already if I didnt change it. Sadly, there isnt a way of knowing.
  13. Its had fairly regular maintenance in the past. The past owner changed it around 30,000 miles ago. I also have receipts of it being done before that as well. I might try changing it. I assume the filter should be changed as well.
  14. Wont hurt anything. Probably should be running 30 weight. Whats the temp like around you?
  15. Ive got a 98 K1500 with the 4L60e. After 190,000 miles I had some issues towing a trailer. The trans slipped pretty bad when it tried to shift to overdrive. I manually shifted it back to 3rd and it does fine. The trans fluid has definitely smells burnt and is not quite as bright red as it should be. Now I know that changing it in a worn out transmission can make it worse. (less friction material). This truck just has to get me until December. Im leaning towards not changing it but what does everyone else think?
  16. 2500 and 3500 frames used to be the same. So they probably still are. It definitely depends on the specs of the truck itself. I would assume you could get larger axles and larger brakes on a 3500. Bigger springs and more towing and capacity. Also more engine output? Not sure about that one.
  17. Sounds like mine. Worn out transmission that probably has low pressures. Not sure how it all really works but I think it has to do with the valve body.
  18. I believe there were 2 different size options for this truck. Probably depending on your GVWR. Go to a parts store and they will be able to tell you based on that info.
  19. Try and find a driver side drop dana 60. Rare but youll need it with all the weight of that 6.5. Try and find a mechanical one. Even a 6.2 with a turbo charger is basically the same thing.
  20. Proably in the low teens. Maybe 13000 pounds. Could even be 10,000 pounds. Hard to know without knowing the rest of the trucks options.
  21. Bah, front brakes do most of the braking anyway. Be happy you lost the rears and not the front!
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