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  1. Well you sure covered your bases. Maybe its time to look into an ECM.
  2. How did the plugs look other than being out of gap? Just because they're new doesn't always mean theyre working right. Start by testing for spark on each .
  3. I second the tow mirrors. Also, anything that is a wear item like shocks. I also like the idea of lights.
  4. The biggest mistake the past owner made was putting all that crap on. Yanking all the wires could possibly set the truck to never want to start. Best bet is to start doing some research and get an idea of the system. Call the numbers on it maybe. Once you get it running and unlocked I would definitely remove it.
  5. Could always take it apart and measure. It has to come apart anyway and I wouldn't drive it with that much slop in the system. Sounds like the axle needs a rebuild. Might be cheaper to get a junkyard axle.
  6. Yeah, lots of new cars just have the gauge sit in the middle. Time to bring back idiot lights. Any oil pressure at all is good. The truck will warn you if it gets low. Let it do its thing. Edit: I remember my jeep had a idiot light but in gauge form. When started the gauge would move to the middle. And then it would never change. And your engine oil pressure does change as it heats up and depending on engine speed. I guess Jeep was looking for a way to make the vehicle seem more fancy than it was.
  7. Brakes on these trucks should last forever if youre decent with them. Heavy towing without trailer brakes will wipe them. So will lots of stop and go traffic and interstate traffic too. Driven mildly, they should last over 100k. Especially the rears.
  8. First Id check with 1987. If it looks similar to your vans, more than likely itll work. Wouldnt hurt to start shopping around for pictures of them.
  9. Run a compression check. That should give you an idea of how worn it is. Whats your exhaust smell like? Id bet it smells like burnt oil.
  10. Yeah not likely but I figured id toss in the maybe just in case.
  11. Uh no lol. Trucks is almost 20 years old. GM will not give you anything. Why would they? Road salt has rusted trucks out faster. And GM hasn't helped those owners either. You can argue all you want but I dont think GM is to blame. Poor maintenance and vehicle update is. And your son for not poking his head under an old truck. How much did you pay for it? What did the dealer say when you brought it up? Definitely dont drive it. Its really only good for scrap now.
  12. Probably how it goes. Threaten with the loss of your business. Not much else you can do. Maybe GM will help.
  13. Thats one monster Airstream... As for the shocks, they will probably help but its one piece to a many piece puzzle. Upgrade your tires and if you're going to keep the truck and trailer, get air bags. It might not even hurt to check to see if moving some weight around in the trailer would help. Play with the tongue weight and find where it will be the most stable and comfortable.
  14. Its funny, you wont see any guys who only drive their trucks to "drive a truck" post on this. Or at least thats what I think. My Silverado isn't new, technically it isn't a Silverado. But it gets used mainly for hauling sap in the spring, boat in the summer, hauling wood in the fall and not as much during the winter. Not sure how I would function without at truck. Id have to make some life changes for sure.
  15. For that heavy of a trailer, I would think you're pulling with not enough truck. A 3/4 ton would alleviate almost all problems and be much more stable and comfortable. But most don't want to spring for the 3/4 ton just to pull a TT. However, I pulled a very similar trailer (35 Outback) that weighed probably about the same. Dry weight was like 6500 lbs and loaded was probably low 7000 range. Towed with a 2008 GMC 1500. Used weight distributing hitch and a sway bar. Pulled decently. BIG things for wind and sway: Use the right tires on the truck. Make sure they're load range E. Like a 10 ply. Make sure to use a sway arrest system. Like a sway bar or the weight distribution hitches that have it built in. We had a slightly longer trailer with the same weight. We had very little issues with being blown around on the interstate. Even with the wind we always seem to have up here in the green mountains. Get someone to show you how to set up your hitch correctly with all the right components and it should improve your current situation. As said before, lightening the trailer but keeping the length wont help wind. But it will help the truck.
  16. Depends what you have into the truck. Transmission sounds like it hasnt been maintained properly so it probably doesnt have much time left. Leaving it alone will most likely give you the longest life possible. And take it easy on it. Start saving for a new one. Put the money from the fluid and filter into that. If you change it you have the potential to lost 3 and 4th gear because of the lack of friction material in the old fluid. Once its dirty in a worn transmission,it can be the only thing letting it shift.
  17. Just wondering if anyone else can access the GMT400 section of this forum. If I click on it, it shows an empty page. Could just be me but I dont think it is. Thanks.
  18. Did you take any pictures of the emblem on the truck? Would have been nice to get a picture of what it looked like to help figure it out.
  19. Go with your gut. If you are leaning towards the 6.2, pull the trigger on it. If you have your doubts on the 5.3 then dont bother. In the end, its up to how happy you are. Neither engine has particular problems and the 5.3 has been a reliable engine for GM since 1999. You most likely got a fluke engine that had problems. Those pop up every now and then.
  20. Could be as simple as a bad speaker that makes a little noise. The only fan that I know of under the dash would be the blower motor. Have you tried unplugging it to see if it turns all the way off?
  21. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/gmc,1995,yukon,5.7l+v8,1166419,brake+&+wheel+hub,abs+modulator+valve,679 Is that it? Im not familiar enough with the ABS system as thankfully I haven't dealt with any issues.
  22. You and me both. One day... Nice rig by the way, I had an 82 3/4 ton with the 6.2 diesel. 4x4 too. Tank of a truck but rust was the end of it.
  23. No, dont even try. It wont be easy because probably everything is a little different. Thats assuming you're 99 is a GMT 800. If you have a 99 classic you might be able to get away with it. But If it were me, I would pickup a new booster online. Here what rockauto has. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/chevrolet,1997,k1500+pickup,5.7l+v8,1051175,brake+&+wheel+hub,power+brake+booster,1884
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