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  1. Most of those tools are just basic pullers it seems. I bet a press would be able to get most of the work done there. Messing with T cases can be difficult if you have never done it. This guy goes over them very well and is very smart. Im a fan of his videos.
  2. Gotta remember theyre using a different system for economy. Their skip fire. Not sure how this one works but its probably why. Thats if theyre right.
  3. Sounds like its stuck in 4WD. See if the code is related.
  4. 2018 might have been the first year with the no RPO codes in the glovebox. I think 2017 still had them.
  5. Are you looking for a part or multiple parts? Or do you just want to have the manual?
  6. 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2 Same as any big block I would wager.
  7. Everything seems to be fine from that video. Oil pressure is fluctuating a little but I think the more common problem with these gauges is the sender off the engine. As for alternator load it also seems okay. But you can easily test that with a multi meter. Anything right around 14 is good.
  8. Dont forget about the most important part, the spring perches.
  9. Sounds like a lot of work for 8 miles. You're definitely towing too much for your 94. I wouldnt. Especially if you have to remove the hitch after.
  10. Different axles from different platforms. The spring perches are probably different. Your master cylinder wont run the disc brakes as well. It would be a pretty decent deal to get a different rear end in the truck. Go to a junkyard and pickup a rear out of a junk truck. Change the fluid and itll be fine.
  11. Maybe try giving the ECM a shot then. Its a weird issue not having all the info.
  12. 6.5 run a mechanical injection pump. That could be the candidate. Might be getting warm once the engine heats up and not able to pump the fuel the engine needs at low RPM. But I have never heard of an issue like that, thats my speculation. Something would have to tell the truck to shut off inside the ECM. And very rarely do ECM's have anything go wrong with them. Because it will continue to run if you race the engine I assume the filters are not plugged and fuel is getting to the injection pump fine. Could be just a pump adjustment issue. Try messing with the idle. Does it idle too low and stall or does it completely shut off immediately?
  13. Might be worth getting retuned. As for the spacer, I have heard both ways if they actually do any good. A retune will get you better performance out of your current mods. And you can get your shifts firmed up too.
  14. Someone could have put the stickers on it. Check the RPO codes in the glove box. They can tell you everything about the truck.
  15. Same bolt pattern so that will fit fine. If you're sticking with stock tire sizes nothing will rub and you'll be fine. The new ones are maybe half an inch bigger in diameter. Run with it, itll look good.
  16. Definitely dont have enough information on the test to have a real conclusion. This test seems to show that Chevy lasts the longest out of the "big 3". But what years did they survey? Theres so many variables that go into the amount of miles a truck has. I've tried to never buy into one truck brand is better than the other. If you ask me, they all break and they all need to be fixed. In my experience, I have found GM to be easy to work on so thats what I drive.
  17. Also this is the wrong forum for this. Thats a new style GMT-800 truck.
  18. Logan Lanfear

    Lanny's K1500

  19. Logan Lanfear


    From the album: Lanny's K1500

    Time for some new tires...
  20. I agree with not letting the dealership touch it. Around here they have high schoolers doing their details on paint and interior. They're not bad but itll pay to have someone who really knows what theyre doing take care of it. I also highly recommend a ceramic coating. Most detailers can do it.
  21. Yeah they're basically the same. Most referred to as the 2000 Chevy K2500 classic. Because its a 3/4 ton truck GM tends to lag behind and release. Most likely built early in the production year. 5.7 engine. When looking for parts or something find the K2500 designation not the silverado 2500. K is the old term for 4wd and C is for 2WD.
  22. test the plugs with a multi meter. I dont think they go bad really so it would more likely be a bad connection somewhere. Is the fuel pump running?
  23. Sounds like an injection problem if you have spark. Is everything going to the spider injection plugged in? Is everything getting power?
  24. Yup, hes going to have to make a descion over keeping the truck or dumping some money and time into it. Thats if its the valve train. Personally, with lots of rust on the frame and body, its not worth a lot. Drive it till it blows up then sell it for $500.
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