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  1. Next step would be to check for pressure at the engine. If you removed it it should be replaced. Air is a fluid but you have to remember that gasoline is a much more viscous fluid and its traveling at a faster rate and at a higher pressure. Just because it doesn't seem clogged doesn't mean it isnt contributing to the issue.
  2. If its the stock filter then it needs to be changed lol.... the interval for those is like 20-40k. Not replacing them is a good way to cook your pump and cause it to fail. It can also lead to lower than normal fuel pressure which would cause running issues like you previously mentioned. Not going to throw a code necessarily.
  3. Its usually about 100 degrees over ambient temps. If you have a good cooler then its probably going to run a litle cooler. My 2008 ran consistenlty about 150 degress and it had the heavy duty cooler. What do you have or a cooler? I assume youre talking about your 2015?
  4. Return it or get it rebuilt... no way to grease the bearings.
  5. Maybe start with the tensioner if you think it could be an issue. Cheap enough not to matter. But to me that does not sound like a issue with a tensioner. It sounds internal. By rebuilding it i mean tearing down the entire engine and refreshing the internals. If the cam bearings are wiped and the lifters are junk, the rest of the motor is probably not in the best shape. Almost like putting lipstick on a pig. If it were me, I would figure out of it is a lifter with some disassembly and then decide if I want to rebuild or throw a different engine in it.
  6. Similar to manual transmissions... not enough people bought them and its hard to get good enough MPG with the extra curves
  7. If its not starting at all on starting fluid then it has no spark. Assuming the engine is healthy and timed right. (probably is) So start with the basics. Fuel lines should bleed themselves... (at least mine did) You said you haven't touched any of the spark system... can you verify that the engine is getting spark? If its not, then either there is a mechanical issue with the ignition system or like stated before the security system. Test for spark would be my first step.
  8. Long tubes are probably not going to get you any benefit. Maybe a different tone but who knows. What size collector do you want to run? (size of the exhaust pipe your using) Jegs seems to have a nice selection here... http://www.jegs.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/SearchResultsPageCmd?N=4294964803&Tab=SKU&enginetype=4294799206&make=4294829741&model=4294829351&submodel=4294828981&year=4294829835&sbv=true
  9. Might get more look at it if you can take the rocker cover off while its running. Im not sure if you can do that or not with these LS engines. I know its pretty easy with the 350. Maybe a view will help isolate what its doing? Someone has a video of using a screwdriver as a stethoscope to pin point noise. But on an engine with that many miles, definitely don't replace any internals without rebuilding the whole thing. Its just not worth it.
  10. Yeah not cheap. Not to mention the amount of time it would take to essentially rebuild the engine. Since its a 2000, I would drive it till it goes. Then maybe find a donor engine or sell the truck. They arnt too hard to swap but if its a rusted out hunk of junk (like everything here in the rust belt) junk it.
  11. Had the same issue with my 2008, ended up being water in a connector that ran back from the harness to the light assembly. I agree with Doug, start at the light and work your way back with a multi meter.
  12. What are you looking to get? Are you going to be making more power? Are you still running a TBI setup?
  13. If the fuel pump is over heating then its probably working too hard. How is your fuel filter?
  14. What fluid do you run? I need to change mine and I am always up for suggestions.
  15. Probably pinching a wire or shorting somewhere in the column. I pity the poor fellow who is buying the truck with unknown issues. I hope you declared that in the ad.
  16. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/chevrolet,2015,silverado+2500,6.0l+v8,3307622,transmission-automatic,filter,8600 Thats the link for the filters offered. I would probably go use the ACDelco. Dont go with the cheapest.
  17. 2016 2500 should have an integrated brake controller right?
  18. Take the bolts down to your local hardware store. They usually have a good selection.
  19. It really could be anything. Are your tires balanced? Driveshaft? You might have better luck with a dedicated GMT400 forum. There arnt a whole lot of guys left around here that know these trucks well.
  20. Any transmission shop will have the tools to do it.
  21. Yeah, replace cap and rotor. Then coil too if youre still getting issues. Sounds like its kinda firing but not enough at the right time to keep it running.
  22. Trying to kick aside the whole GM/Ford/Dodge fight... there's a reason that the other big companies are doing it. I would say that they would get purchased.
  23. If you tow say, twice a year, dont worry. It may squat a bit but that depends more on your trailer. I would say it weighs less than a couple thousand pounds. The way the truck handles depends more on the brand and quality of the kit you get.
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