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  1. I have a 2019 TB Custom. The Brake Controller port is on the lower left driver side up under your dash. You have to lay down on your back on the floorboard, look up to the left of the foot brake pedal and it's the GRAY Harness. I believe it does have a cap on it that has to be removed. So you just need the controller unit that goes on the center dash area and the wiring that runs from it, to this location. I'm not aware of what additional computer/ECM programming to enable the feature is needed, but the dealership should/can help with doing that as necessary. I read a post somewhere else, where a guy purchased an aftermarket Braker Controller unit and this GRAY port is where he hooked it up. He did not mention any ECM/Programming required, the cost was something like $100+ and I think he purchased it from "etrailer.com" Here is the website and instructions: https://www.etrailer.com/question-354023.html IMHO it doesn't look as nice as the factory unit, but it was certainly "doable" and not at all expensive. If you were able to get factory wiring and the factory unit, it would be easy to pop into place on your center dash where it goes (lower left of the center console)
  2. It is possible, with all the trim levels. Don't listen to those that say it cannot be done, they haven't even tried.
  3. I did the 50-50 today (12 gal E85, 12 gal 93 Gasoline) it's going great! I'd like to get up an running with the full E85 as soon as possible, if you hear about any Sensor kits for our trucks, please ping me.
  4. Hey, can you post a pic of your light bar? What brand did you get, did you install or dealer? Just curious what model P/N#, and how it is wired....
  5. Also check the seat belts on the 2 door side seats. On my 2016, there was an interior rattle every time I was on a road that wasn't completely flat. Took me some time, but eventually I found the culprit, it was the passenger side seat belt (front). The head on the insert clasp, was every so slightly bumping against the pillar between the front and back doors. I never would have guessed it because the noise sounded like something inside the panels that was rattling. But once I secured that seatbelt, it solved the problem. The hint was, I could never replicate the problem anytime someone else was riding in the truck with me.
  6. I hear ya, but I feel like what you are describing in the last paragraph there is an "R" word (hint: Recession) We need folks out there consuming, buying the new models, keep things humming along.
  7. Nothing wrong with that, not at all. On 2019's I do love this new truck, on the exterior and physical characteristics (ground clearance, fuel mpg, off-road recreation specs) it has so much more to offer than my last 2 trucks, it was the right thing to do.
  8. No, with the convenience packages, leather and side steps I selected, it comes out right at $58K with the destination charge. If you add the Chevrolet Branded Braking System, it will add another $2,995 on top of that, so one could easily be in the $60K range.
  9. 5 screws each hub. The screws use the slip on clips that they then thread into. 3 on the flat part of the tub, and then 1 each on the front and back. Looks like they are doing a "Sale" 10% off too. Here is the PDF instructions: https://www.huskyliners.com/images/ePIM/original/79061instrdoc.pdf
  10. nonsense. our fuel lines can run ethanol all day long, look for the EVOH-N markings on the fuel lines, ethelyne vinyl alcohol, copolymer. Ethanol does clean deposits left by gasoline on your valves and injectors.
  11. few reasons 1) 6-8% increase in HP (it's an easy way to get 25HP) 2) Cooling properties of Ethanol, it keeps your engine running temps lower and thereby less wear & tear on the cylinders 3) Cheaper, much cheaper here, looking at $1.71 gallon 4) Eco Friendly, 100% less Carbon emissions, though some will argue that e85 farming, refinery and product adds more carbon 5) Octane boost, 100+. Some folks will argue less energy than gasoline, but that's only part of the formula, higher octane for more compression better efficiency and performance. It far outweighs the lower energy level, - - but - - it does consume more liters in the process.
  12. Awesome, I suspected as much. I've been doing 6 gallons e85 and 18 gallons gasoline, for a roughly e30 blend. Truck hasn't skipped a beat, no issues for last 1000 miles and been doing it since my first tank. Was thinking about taking it up a notch to 50-50 mix (12 gallons each) which would be an e48 blend. Eventually when the commercial market comes up with a Sensor & Tune, going to run the full e85. I do have the JET Stage II Module installed now, which advances the timing. I use the Wallace Racing calculator http://www.wallaceracing.com/ethanol-mix-calc.php
  13. For those that do NOT have an e85 Flex Fuel truck (which for 2019 line-up is almost 90% of us unfortunately, except for the WT Fleet Silverados) Just curious is anybody mixing e85 with their 93 Octane pump gas? If so, how much, how far have you taken it? I think most of our trucks have the 24 Gallon tanks. (4 gallons e85 w 20 gasoline or?? )
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