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  1. I only have about 600 miles on my 3500 w Duramax but am seeing 19-20 highway. Runs around 14 in town. If it's like my 2015 3500 Duramax I will get 22 hwy and 16 city. Hook a trailer to it and it's 14-16. My 2001 2500 gasser did 12 hwy and 8 towing. Higher maintenance cost on a diesel than gas. I tow a large trailer regularly.
  2. Not liking the sounds of the blown turbo that is posted on the forum. Less than 1000 miles... Ouch.
  3. My truck finally showed up last Thursday. No explanation yet for the delay.
  4. Shagmax - just saw this. Let me know if they work so I can try a set. I have the AMP Power boards on my 2015 and like them but since AMP won't work....... Thanks!
  5. Shagmax- I had to return a set of AMP Power Boards because the DEF tank was in the way. AMP is now trying to redesign the board. No date available for new design..... Good luck!! My truck accessory guy does not have a fix other than solid boards or tubes.
  6. Nick - Keep us posted!! I take delivery of my 2017 GMC 3500 Duramax Monday. Gotta say you have me worried. I have had zero issues with my 2015 GMC 3500 Duramax and my 2008 GMC 2500 HD Duramax. I looked at mine at the dealership on Thursday. Geez the DEF tank is humongous!!
  7. FYI. Had ordered AMP Power boards for my 2017 GMC 3500 Duramax. Truck FINALLY showed up and lo and behold the new LARGE, DID I MENTION HUGE, DEF tank is so large that the AMP Power boards will not fit it. AMP is now at the drawing board redesigning their board. Nice.......
  8. Any update on your turbo problem? I pick mine up next week and am curious if there any things I need to have my dealer check. Thanks!
  9. I ordered a 2017 GMC 3500 Duramax Oct 3. It was built Nov 16 but it didn't arrive at my dealer until last week. It was listed as "in Transit" for over two months. The DEF tank is huge compared to my 2015 GMC 3500. Had ordered Amp power boards for the 2017 and had to return them because of the new large DEF tank. Amp did not know the tank was getting resized larger. Still wondering and worrying about why my truck was held up for 60 days after it was built and I had a VIN. I heard computer glitches.
  10. Still waiting on my truck. Dealer is still being told it's "In Transit". Almost two months since they built my truck now.
  11. BoatDriver - I feel your pain!!!! I signed a purchase agreement for the truck so I am stuck on that front. I did look aroudn earlier and I could have bought a 2016 Denali pretty much like the one I ordered but I didn't feel comfortable trying to walk on the deal. With rebates and dealer discount it was about $6000 less than the one I am "waiting" for. Yesterday my dealer got in a 2017 3500 that he had had on order for about a month longer than mine so I guess they are starting to show up. The next shipment is Saturday and with some luck my truck is on the transport. Dealer still doesnt know where my truck is. He checked The "GM Order" tracking and it says it was still in Flint as of the 20th.... he just shook his head when I showed him the note form the "GM Rep" that was sent to me via PM. Dealer is frustrated as well. GM needs to step up to the plate. DirtBiker - Tax man frowns on expensing things when thay are not "used and useful" so in order to get a writeoff it needs to be delivered prior to 12-31 or I loose the tax break. GM is going to owe me a "very large rebate" if this thing doesnt show by 12-31 to offset the tax impact I am going to be stuck with. I will never order another GM truck. I will find something on a lot and buy it. Maybe a Dodge or a Ford next time. Have always had GM vehicles but this is ticking me off since no one can give me a definitive answer on delivery and it will end up costing me thousnad of $$ in tax costs if it doesnt show by 12-31. Still Not Happy.... Merry Christmas....... Darrel
  12. I thought I was making progress when the GM rep on this post told me to PM him my order number and they would get me an update. I sent him a PM with the info and I got a PM message back from him. They told me my truck was "in Transit". This is the same reponse I have been getting from my dealer since Nov 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't say I was impressed with the response. I can order a $20 item on Amazon or any number of other vendors and they can tell me at the time of the order exactly when its going to ship and when it is scheduled to arrive and then track its progress practically minute by minute until it hits my door step but GM can't track a $70,000 truck with a VIN????? As a business owner I won't make the same mistake again of ordering a truck within 6 months of YE if its for tax planning purposes. I thought 3 months was more than sufficient. Now it looks like I may end up having to let the tax man get the cash (that I was planning on using to pay for the truck) and I will still have to pay for a vehicle that I ordered but may not have the tax impact for 2017 that I had in 2016. I should have just bought a 2016 off the lot........ Not Happy.... Darrel
  13. The truck I ordered 10-4-16 did have the new diesel and from the posts I gathered others were having the same delays. I just can't get an update on the delivery date. 12-31-16 is coming up FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the help! Darrel
  14. Can you tell me where you went to find out where your truck is? I am waiting for my 3500 and my dealer can't seem to get details on mine. It was built Nov 16. I have the Order Number and VIN. Thanks!
  15. I ordered a 2017 3500HD in October and it was supposedly built Nov 16. My dealer expected it in early December. It hasn't shown up and I need it by 12/31 for tax purposes. I have a VIN and an order number. My dealer is unable to tell me when I can expect delivery of my truck. In reading these forums it appears I am not the only one with this problem. Where can I go to get delivery information on my truck? PS. I ordered a 2015 3500 HD in March of 2015 and it was built and delivered to me in less than three WEEKS!! Help!! Thanks!
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