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  1. Unbelievable, I hate thieves. Karma will eventually catch up to them. Put a claim in and get yourself an illuminated bow tie, or replace it with the centennial. Then again the centennial may get stolen again. 😔
  2. Nice truck! I like the first set of rims, the new rims shouldn't go on a truck. All that matters is that you like it though. Who cares what we think.
  3. Finished my mods/upgrades: Black bow ties/front illuminated Peragon bed cover LED strip Borla/Chevy cat-back
  4. Upgrade to a 2018, I had a 2015 and never had issues.
  5. I see two trucks in handicapped spots. 🤔
  6. Labor Day Mod Plans

    I have a fun weekend too: Borla exhaust Illuminated bowties Black out steering wheel bowtie Peragon tonneau cover
  7. Agree, I love these trucks I just upgraded to a 2018 from a 2015 and love it!
  8. Yeah, but those LED headlights/taillights are legit, plus everything works just fine on Android Auto, especially Waze it's awesome! I'll be a weenie, any day awesomeness.
  9. I went ahead and just upgraded too. With the truck sales on the 2018s it was so much easier.
  10. I know exactly how you feel, my wife did the same exact thing, except it was on the other side.
  11. I had something similar happening to my truck. My truck would abruptly shutoff, but it only happened at low speeds and only on the initial acceleration, then it would not turn back on. I would have to stop and restart it. Anyways, it ended up being I had a dead cell in the battery. After, it was replaced all my issues were gone.

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