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  1. Does anyone have any knowledge on the performance of a 116 load index vs 122 on a winter tire? I can get a 116 load index tire for much less than a 122 in the same brand, model & size. I can imagine there is a reason why it's so much cheaper, and wonder how performance will be affected. I have a 2017 1500 CC that is always carrying 1000lbs+ of tools and the roads are rough here in Vancouver Canada. Potholes and cracks all over. There doesn't seem to be much info on this particular subject, on such a subtle difference in a tire's load index. My best guess is that a 116 tire will "sag" or look flatter more than a 122 load index, as it's rated 600lbs less than the 122.
  2. Hey everyone, I need some help figuring out what to do with my truck: 2017 Z71 CC 90,000km Installed Airlift 5000 at rear last year Front end now looks stupid low, and front suspension feels dead. Rear suspension feels just fine now with the air bags. It seems like the 5100 will be the best bang for my buck. Should I install a full kit on all 4 corners, with new coils up front? Can I just get away with installing the 5100 up front?
  3. I have 285/55/R20 Geolander G015 (rated with three peak mountain for snow) tires and they have poor traction in rain, snow and icy conditions. I live in Vancouver and drive into the mountains regularly for ski and adventure days. I slip and slide in snowy conditions. They got great reviews on TireRack.com (8/10 for snow, plenty of users says they are great in snow in their reviews, 8.8 for wet traction) which boggles my mind. So one thing I can think of is that I've got terrible traction because they are wider than Chevy's stock size of 275/55/20 by about half an inch. Does this make sense? Is it possible that certain tire sizes are not built to the same specs as others? Maybe because 285/55/20 is less common, they use inferior rubber? I find that a silly proposition but have to ask... I also have them inflated to 38 psi, a bit over recommended pressure. Perhaps I should decrease pressure a bit below 35psi for winter months?
  4. Guys, I'm not asking for your opinions on whether or not they look good or if they are legal lol! I'm asking those who do have them to put up pics! Also, I'm not in the USA so I'm not concerned with your laws. This is a good example on a 2015 short box: I'd like to see pics on a long box crew. Thanks again!
  5. HI folks, Just hoping to get some ideas for side exit exhausts on my new 17 Z71 CC Standard box. Not sure if it will look cheesy with the crew cab and long box. I don't have step bars either. It would be nice to see a collection of pics with specs for the very few people that have done the side exhaust.
  6. Thanks for that. I'm really only concerned about payload capacity. It's not really clear as to whether or not I actually get a different suspension with max trailer vs true north. When I build the truck on the chevrolet website, both list this in the summary: Heavy Duty Suspension Rear suspension - rigid axle leaf Rear shocks - gas pressurized Wondering if anyone here is a chev/gmc mechanic that has seen any difference in the rear suspension.
  7. I'm not understanding weather or not I actually get a better suspension with the max trailer package. I built a plain LT vs LT Max Trailer and in BOTH summaries it says: Heavy Duty Suspension Rear suspension - rigid axle leaf Rear shocks - gas pressurized Neither list as having a better suspension than the other. Does anyone work on these trucks? Can you confirm the suspension is actually different in the max tow trailer package vs the regular LT trucks? I'm starting to think the max trailer pack is just a gimmick except for the 9 3/4 rear end!
  8. I was just looking at True North and it says "heavy duty suspension". Is that the same suspension as the max tow trailer package suspension??
  9. Ok so my dealer tells me absolutely get the z71 as the shocks are larger diameter than the max tow trailer pack suspension. Does anyone here have first hand experience with this (ie a mechanic who has seen all 3 configurations)??? z71 has the rancho suspension Max trailer tow pack has "upgraded rear suspension" Regular 1500s have plain suspensions I want a nice blacked out LT or higher work truck that always has at least 1000lbs and often haul 2000lbs of hardwood flooring around. The brochure says the v8 6speed cc long bed with 3.73 gears and max trailer tow pack has 2070lbs payload capacity. Is that suspension really better than the z71? Again dealer says go with z71 for better payload but my buddy says max trailer tow pack is better for payload. Im confused. I just want the hardest suspension in a half ton. This is coming from a 4x4 cc lb frontier that ive added 2 leafs on each side.
  10. Sometimes oily products like armour all will blend them in, depending on the material and type of scuff. I noticed the plain gray plastic scratched easily as soon as i got into a showroom truck.
  11. Im a small business owner in Canada. Anyone ever buy just 1 fleet truck? I cant seek to build the exact truck i want - rally edition with electric autotrack only available with fleet. The gmc dealer got around it by purchasing a lot of fleet work trucks that had the autotrack knob. Id love for the chev dealer to do this. Also i cant get the backup camera. Can i retrofit one and get it to work with the 7" screen? Dealer says they can install aftermarket but would be in rearview mirror. 60/40 rear seat not available of silverado unless i get lt or ltz, but is standard on sierras. Do you guys think id be able to swap a bench with 60/40? Frustrating as i can build the exact truck i want.
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