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  1. Wrapping is 10x cheaper than buying the replacement black ones just FYI. You’re probably looking at $200 to wrap (high side) and easily $75/molding (min) and there’s 3 per door.
  2. Nice work. Yeah, it’s really a fairly easy job to do. Hardest part is waiting for the parts to come in
  3. Just FYI - yes they do interchange. No issues.
  4. They last as long as the truck. Had them on my last two vehicles since 2012.
  5. I had the wilwood 6 piston on my last tahoe and they were amazing. They absolutely decreased stopping distance with stock 22” duellers. OEM designed Brembos would be even better.
  6. It must come down to shock tuning because physically they bolt right up
  7. Chips are caused from following too close. You don’t get chips from just driving solo down a dirt road. Leave some more space. If people get in front of you, back off and leave some more. And clear bra protection if you’re really worried about it
  8. License plate lights are fine. You’ll have no problems.
  9. I’m going to say yes you can. I just swapped my 2019 ranchos to my 2016 tahoe no problem
  10. I’ve been looking into adding the power fold, as of right now it’s probably cheaper to get a LTZ and have your chrome wrapped than add the mirrors, switches and door harnesses. And you still won’t have the convenience function in the radio to auto fold on double lock.
  11. Agree 100% lol. Same here, I think mine was at 5500 or so. It’s fine.
  12. Push and hold the tailgate button and it will go up, as long as it’s LTZ or High Country
  13. I see what you’re saying - it’s the same cluster, steering wheel, same basic controls, just in different configuration. But the overall look and feel is completely different than the pickups. It’s much more inclusive since they all will have center consoles and the trucks do not all have them
  14. Escalade dash is posted on that leaked photo link I put above.
  15. I have zero issues with the interior of my 19. I’m not overweight, have zero seat issues like others claim to have, I like buttons, don’t like big distracting touch screens and don’t need anything too drastically different than what I had before. GM may not be the best selling but they make a quality durable product that will outlast the other two. The Tahoe and Escalade interiors are top notch though, they look fantastic.
  16. https://www.carscoops.com/2019/12/2021-cadillac-escalade-this-is-it-straight-from-the-factory/
  17. Yeah it’s massive. Which makes me wonder if the new tie bar will be necessary. I’m still waiting on a bracket and the defroster trim before I do mine. Should be here next week
  18. They changed dashes in 14 and made them completely different. In 07-14, only LTZ and Denali pickups had the same dash as the suv. All other trims of trucks had the “work truck dash”.
  19. They could but they won’t. They’ve wanted to differentiate the full size line since 14 and they won’t go back to same interiors. IF they change the interior of the truck, expect the same cluster and steering wheel - since those are on the 2021 Tahoe. Interior looks damn good and so does the rest of the truck. They did a great job.
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