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  1. I want to say it’s an option with the cold weather package. At least it used to be. Doubt it’s standard equip.
  2. It is, there’s a lot to be removed to swap it out. Still doable.
  3. There’s my list of part #. Keep in mind the PN for the dash is Black. If you have another color you’ll need a different visor, dash and cluster visor.
  4. There is no PnP harness, I got the connectors and made it myself. If not, I can gladly supply the pinouts for you to tap. You’ll need much more than those two parts. You need a new upper dash panel, cluster visor, cluster trim panel, HUD switch, the technology package cluster (available from white auto and media). It’s the cluster without the 4 analog gauges at the top and has the larger lcd. Not sure if all AT4 have that or not. It’s an expensive part hungry upgrade. Not to mention the harnesses which you’ll need 3.
  5. Just got my parts in today. Standby until the weekend and I will have it in. Keep in mind for the harness - you’ll either have to tap into your current cluster harness for the connections, or I’m working on a PnP option for mine. I have parts for one more PnP harness that I’ll probably sell once complete.
  6. Lack of update is for not coming on the forums daily. Parts were supposed to be in a couple weeks ago, just came in today. We figured shipments would happen sooner than they did after the strike but everything is still very delayed. Plan on installing tomorrow or Thursday. Don’t worry, it will work.
  7. Why not? It’s not like it’s a drag race king, you paid for it, show it off.
  8. I think you should just buy the truck and figure it out after the fact.
  9. You’re better off asking in the K2 section, this is for the T1 new body style.
  10. Also - it’s NOT cheap. You’d definitely be better adding it from the beginning.
  11. Now that the strike is over I should have all the parts coming this week. I’ll post when complete.
  12. There is not an additional harness back there. You’d need a new switch, handle panel, door harness, memory seat module & harness and a dealer that knows how to add the feature, which 99.9% of them won’t have a clue so they won’t even attempt it. That’s one feature that if you wanted - you should have got a LTZ. Almost everything else can be added, almost. But not that.
  13. Yeah I’ve had parts on order since a few days before the strike. Dealerships here in Houston have no parts, body shops are having a hard time, no parts supposedly within 600 miles. It sucks. The UAW doesn’t realize they **** with so many other businesses because of their greed.
  14. Are you talking about the step which is in the sheet metal? On a 6.5’ bed? No.
  15. I’m kind of with skippy dog on this - that’s a ridiculous request for bolt in. If you came from a built 4Runner (if you did the work yourself) you should know that it’s not something you just “swap”.
  16. Replied on the other thread. No, still needs to be programmed
  17. Still needs to be programmed to vin. It doesn’t just get assigned when you plug it in, and I believe your mileage will not show - and display ———
  18. This happened twice on my lofted 2010 and once on my fathers 16 which was bone stock. Same bolt. Don’t know how or why
  19. Yeah they’ll hold up just fine. Seems to be the one thing they copied from the Germans that’s actually useful and works.
  20. I say have the shop closest to you get the new bed and paint it. Give me a break that they can’t match it, they can easily blend into the cab. If they won’t, and you’re close to Houston, bring it to our shop and we’ll do it.
  21. Check with an autoparts store. It’s not the dealers fault they can’t get it in, it’s the UAW and their stupid strike causing the issue. U joints don’t typically fail that early but if you figure they make a few million of them, a couple will be bad here and there. It’s not difficult to do it yourself, myself and others on here I’m sure could walk you thru it.
  22. They will not replace a cluster due to dust. You’d be lucky for them to clean it out... clusters are not airtight, the lens clips on but that’s all. The dash isn’t that difficult to take apart, it would take you maybe 20 mins to get to the cluster and remove it.
  23. There’s no harm in using an aftermarket glass. They all have to meet DOT safety standards.
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