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  1. Look at Weatherguard. Best boxes out there, and in every size imaginable.
  2. Nothing for the 2019+ to my knowledge. WAMS hasn’t got it figured out yet.
  3. Katzkin is great. Front wow will have leather face and the rears will be vinyl.
  4. Sure get it! Get it for you, not for what other people think.
  5. 5th black truck, Pain to keep clean but we’ll worth it. Best color.
  6. Slt you get power fold mirrors, power passenger seat etc which are nice addons. My father bought an RST then traded it for a LTZ because he missed those features. Katzkin is great and cheap, but you won’t get cooled seats or power passenger, if that matters to you.
  7. Can’t remember what list price is, but you’ll find it for around $35-55.
  8. Gorgeous truck. I’ve had great luck on autotrader and craigslist.
  9. I have the pinouts and have looked them over quite a bit. I think the functions can be had, just some requiring will be needed.
  10. No luck. As of right now it doesn’t appear to have the ability to read the files. Maybe there will be an interface in the future
  11. Not saying I haven’t - but why use it at night to see the vehicle behind you? Seems like common sense that the mirrors will give you a way better idea of how close they were.
  12. Yes, you’ll need the coax cable which will be special order: 84335461
  13. You toggled the camera on, while driving forward, to see how close the vehicle behind you was? The truck has 3 mirrors which are 10x safer to view while driving forward than looking at a bright screen in the dark. If you couldn’t see the vehicle behind you in the mirrors then obviously he’s following extremely close, so taking your eyes off to view the screen wasn’t the brightest (no pun intended) idea. No offense but that seems reckless on your part, not the trucks fault.
  14. You have to remove the left AC vent, radio and cluster bezel to remove the knee bolster. PM me, I believe I have instructions.
  15. I agree it’s an annoyance but that’s all it is. The trucks not a piece of junk because plastic expands or contracts when hot or cold. There really wouldn’t be a Firm fix unless they did a drastic redesign, which will not happen until they completely redo the truck. If putting some butyl in between the roof and spoiler gets rid of the problem, what more do you want?
  16. Superlift makes some quality components, always been pleased with them and their service. Truck looks great!
  17. Mine did the same around 500 miles on the truck. Replaced backup cam assembly under warranty and all is good. It’s a pain but really no big deal. Sometimes parts are bad.
  18. Which door is it, rear I presume? Hook up the window switch. Sometimes weird shit like the switch not being plugged in will unlock the door. Obviously you’ve tried the lock right? I don’t know what else it could be. I’ve taken apart tons of these doors and never had this issue
  19. Even overnight orders are not shipping. I’ve had many on order (not backordered) since the strike started that will not ship.
  20. Reach your finger in the hole and pull on the lever that’s inside, it’ll open.
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