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  1. Thank you for all of the quick replys even though it kinda scared the shit out of me lol. So I had a roadtrip planned to go to vegas than mammoth (ski resort) then back to vegas and then home which is over 1200miles round trip. I had barely managed to change my knock sensor as the code came up 2 days before leaving and then got the truck tuned the day before we left. I had changed the fluids and noticed the damage on my diff gears a few days before, and I really just wanted to see what others opinions on the condition of the gears were because i knew it looked bad but I had been driving the truck as is for a while so i didnt know if it was something new that came up, over time wear or if my differential was really about to shit on me. i had made my mind up i was going to drive on it anyway lol just wanted to scare myself with other opinions. Didnt have A single problem the entire trip, i did not read 3beejay3s reply until after my trip, but it seems you may be totally correct 3.to answer your question, yes there was some metal shavings on the magnet, a good amount. I will replace it when i can but I am not so rushed anymore. 3beejay3, when you say defect, do you mean defected from the dealer? I am the 2nd owner so who knows what the 1st owner did, but if I were putting in new gears in my truck that looked like that, well, I wouldnt
  2. The rest of the pictures I have are apparently too big to upload. It is strictly only one of the planetary gears from what i could tell Also, forgot to mention, shes got about 170k miles on her
  3. Hey all, So down in socal i have my 2004 silverado 1500 5.3l 2wd and the other day while i was changing my differential fluid, i noticed a couple of the teeth on the planetary gear have been eaten away at. Now i have never noticed a problem or heard any noise coming from my rear differential, and still cannot hear any strange noises. But i will post Some pictures and maybe someone can tell me how close my differential is to losing its shit? Has anyone seen something like this? I have yet to find something similar through google searches.
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