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  1. Our E70 X5 (2012) was great. The X5 and most BMW SUVs have always been built in Spartanburg, SC since the original E53 X5 (1999), including for export back to Europe. It can also be tough to delineate things that are inherent in the design, and then things that can be traced to actual "build" and/or assembly issues.
  2. Sorry to say that this has been a well known issue of this entire generation of K2xx platform trucks. Buyer beware. I did take mine for a very thorough test drive before buying, including up to full highway speeds, to confirm that my particular truck didn't have the issue, or at least not much of one. Wouldn't have bought the truck if there were serious issues. I did just swap out the OEM Bridgestone tires for a set of Michelin Premier LTX more for durability reasons and not for any ride or vibration reasons, but they do ride more smoothly and helped to get rid of what little highway vibration issues I had before. As posted above, there's some TSBs to fix this. In addition, you can have them road-force balance the tires, which need to be within a certain tolerance also. It's a bummer to hear that 2019 trucks can still have these issues, though! All of the manufacturing fixes they could make were "supposed" to have been implemented by the 2017 model years, so you'd think pretty much all of the 2019's ought to be safe. What a bummer, but good luck getting it all sorted out!
  3. Bump. Have been traveling a lot lately. All 4 tires still available.
  4. Definitely look for the infamous highway buffeting noises, especially 2015-2016 models, double especially on LTZ with 22" wheels and the Mag Ride. It's less of an issue with the 20's. Get it up to a good 70-80 mph. Most of the manufacturing improvements and bandaids to improve it were in by the 2017 models, which got it as good as possible, but not perfect. My 2018 had very mild "buffeting" issues on the highway at two specific speeds, but wasn't a big deal. Swapping out factory Bridgestones for Michelins fixed it. The issue is because of less than perfectly balance tires from the factory putting a lot of vibrations through the body structure at highway speeds, and said body being a bit too thin (to save weight) and ending up vibrating in such a way that it seems like somebody has one window open a crack and a pulsating pressure imbalance. Road force balancing tires can help, or swapping out the factory Bridgestones for Michelins, or going from 22's down to 20's, or having a 2017+ model all helps. Also, if you care about performance at all, get one with the 3.42 gearing. Look for ones with the 2-speed transfer case and a setting for both 4HI and 4LO on the dash. It's almost a sin that the 3.08 gearing is standard. The truck drives a lot better with the 3.42's and there's no fuel mileage penalty either. At cruise on the highway at 70 mph, you have 25% more power available in 6th gear with the 3.42's due to the engine being in a fatter part of the torque curve, which makes a huge difference going up highway grades. Hard to believe that 200 rpm could make such a difference, but it does. The 3.42 trucks are also probably around a half to a full second faster to 60 mph. There's a reason why most every single press fleet truck all had 3.42 gears.
  5. The 8-speed transmission was left half-baked for the K2xx platform trucks, because GM was working on the joint 10-speed project with Ford at the same time. They claim to have improved it a ton in the T1xx trucks. A fluid change might temporarily mask some issues, but I seriously doubt it's going to fundamentally change the nature of the transmission. It is what it is. If it's going to worry you, just look for a Suburban or Yukon XL with the 3.42 gearing with the 5.3L/6-speed combo. It's nearly as good and without any of the issues. The 6L80E is pretty solid.
  6. It's just the trend these days. I didn't actually want the 22's. Funny thing, the Michelin Premier LTX actually costs more for the 20's right now than it does for the 22's. LOL
  7. I have a set of used factory Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza P285/45R22 tires off of my 2018 Suburban for sale. Please read carefully as each of these tires is a tad different! Tire #1 ($175): Basically BRAND NEW, only 2,000 miles on it. I had an issue with one of the factory tires (bubble) and had to have it replaced. THIS IS THE REPLACEMENT TIRE THAT I GOT, before I replaced all of them with different tires. Tire #2 ($150): Has 11,000 miles on it and no issues. Tire #3 ($150): Also has 11,000 miles on it and no issues. Tire #4 ($50): Also has 11,000 miles but READ CAREFULLY ----- This tire took a screw and I had it repaired the proper way at a tire shop via dismounting and patching from the inside out, and then remounting. After I swapped all of these tires out for different ones, I found ANOTHER @#$% screw in it. I “unscrewed it” carefully and then intended to patch it myself, but there was no hole left to get a patch through. While backing the screw out, the tire may have sealed itself. Anyways, this is a perfectly good tire, but since I'm not sure if it will actually hold pressure or not, I’m selling this one for just $50. There is only 1/32nd measured difference in tread height between the "NEW" tire with 2,000 miles on it, and the others with 11,000 miles on them, so A-OK to mount and drive on all 4. Because Chevy Forum owners would know: No serious vibration issues with these tires on my 2018 Suburban, other than very mild shakes/buffeting at 63 mph. Never had the dealership attempt to rebalance because nobody in the vehicle ever complained, and because it was easy enough to just avoid 63 mph! Lol Looking for a local buyer in the MD/VA/DC area only, as I really don't want to ship these. Tires available for pickup locally in Rockville, MD. If you want all 4 tires, just make it $500 even FIRM, cash only. Thanks
  8. Which wheels and suspensions on your Suburban(s)? Sounds like you've had more than one? Dad wasn't riding on stiff Mag ride suspension and 22's either! Lol!
  9. Figured it wasn't just mine. Guess I'll bring this up the next time I have it in for service. Yeah, this TSB is for 2014 Silverados, but they're the same K2xx platform I believe, so maybe it applies? Will ask.
  10. My one real complaint so far, a creaking driver's seat. I'm a big dude, 6'3" and 260 lb, but not THAT big. Never had a driver's seat creak on me before. Anybody else have this issue? Particularly when going around turns, or whenever weight is shifting around. Not a serious issue, but definitely an annoyance. Don't want to go poking around near airbags, but just wondering if anybody else has noticed this or had similar issues, and if there's a way to resolve it either via DIY or dealership/warranty? Thanks
  11. Yeah that seems to be the one complaint about the Premier LTX is that they don't last as long as they should. Any big difference in wet/dry/snow handling between the Premier and the Defender? What about ride/noise and MPG?
  12. 2018 Suburban purchased Nov 2018 (so probably a late MY2018 build). Not on the recall list.I have adaptive cruise and the forward collision warning / auto braking stuff, if that matters.
  13. My guess is either you have to be somebody or know somebody to get those deals, otherwise they're like piss off. If you can show up and say, "hi, I'm Matt Farah's dad of The Smoking Tire," I'm guessing that's good enough.
  14. ROFL ROFL!!! True story. When I was buying my 2018 Suburban, I had heard via "The Smoking Tire" (Matt Farah) that you could get crazy good deals on tons of leftover 2017 Escalades. I forget what the discounts were, but Matt had said his dad had picked one up somewhere in the northeast for like $30-40k off. Escalades aren't really my thing, but I looked around locally, and sure enough there were TONS of 2017 Escalades leftover, even with new 2019's arriving and sitting on the lot, so I tried to see what I could get off. One dealership had a bunch of 2017's that they were selling with 4600 miles or so that were SERVICE LOANERS, and even on those they refused to budge and go any lower than about 15% off, which was freaking ridiculous. I was like, you have NEW 2019's coming in, NEW 2018's leftover, and you want to try to sell me a technically USED 2017 for the same price as I could get on a 2018/2019 with ZERO miles? I laughed and hung up.
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