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  1. At first I used an odb reader that offered three options after reading was done: $07E8, $07EA, $07EB; and once I select each one of the three options there would another menu with the option to read stored, pending or permanent codes, and that when the P15A1 came up only for the first option ($07E8) in the pending and permanent submenu options. I used another odb code reader which on finishing communicating with the vehicle computer showed the P15A1 straight away. I then erased the codes, but once I turned the key off and into acc again the check engine light comes back right away and the same code P15A1 shows on again (as if it was never erased, or came back instantly). Wouldn't there be a code for something like a neutral/parking switch defect? This car only gives problem after problem since I got it...
  2. I got three codes that were generic I believe and maybe related to a misfire condition (which could be a result of several starting attemps), they all hexadecimal and started with $07, I wrote down one of them: $07E8. I will do another readout to double check the other two codes. Thanks for the P15A1. I found out about this code, but apart from the "fuel economy mode switch performance" that is described I confess that the rest is not clear for me; anyhow it does not seem to related to the starting issue. As far as the starting issue goes, I was trying to c heck whether or not there is signal going to the starter solenoid to engage it but I can not find a type of connector (only have crocodile clips) that will fit into the connector in the starter. But I suspect that there will be no signal going to the starter solenoid since the starter itself tested ok. thanks for the input
  3. I got a 2010 GMC terrain AWD 2.4L which has a recurrent non-starting condition. Previously, I replaced the starter and it seemed to take care of the problem; but then the non-starting condition is back is full swing: there sign of life coming from the starter besides what seems a click from a relay from the engine compartment. Battery is new, and has been checked under load (load tester) and its cca checked ok too. Checked the cables going from the battery to the starter for resistance. Obtained 2 ohms from battery terminals to starter terminals. Obtained about 3 ohms from battery negative terminal to spot where starter seats. The resistance seems pretty low so the cable should not be a problem. There is also a check engine light. Readings were of values like $07E8 (which may be a misfire condition that could be the result of many failled starting attempts). Another code obtained was P15A1 which I don't know the meaning. I swapped the starter relays with the fog light in the engine compartment for no avail. It seems that the culprit may be the neutral/parking switch. Any insights into this conundrum would be appreciated.
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