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  1. I checked everything out and all of my terminals are pinned correctly. I may have a bad door mirror. I DID buy it second hand.. Is it possible I may have some wires crossed? My rear view mirror dims but the door mirror doesn’t.
  2. I did this upgrade last year. I upgraded the mirrors and bought the new harnesses. Everything worked great except my drivers mirror doesn’t dim. Today I decided to pull up the diagram showing what pins to put in which location but it is telling me the file doesn’t exist anymore. I feel feel like I put one of the pins in the wrong location. Can you help me out?
  3. I ordered the DL8 - DL3 harnesses and they worked GREAT! All I had to do was find some DL3 mirrors and a power folding mirror switch and it was plug and play from there. The puddle lamp diode provided was super simple to install thanks to the easy instructions included. I HIGHLY recommend this upgrade to anyone with DL8 mirrors.
  4. I may be completely missing it but how can I buy the custom built harness for DL8 to DL3? I have a 2014 WT2. I'm trying to add a few features so it doesn't feel so much like a stripped down work truck.
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