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  1. How many people smoke (legal stuff) in their new truck?

    I don't smoke and vape anything in truck, I don't care about the smell as I simply don't feel it, but my family finds it rather disgusting so that I have to compromise.
  2. A friend of mine orders cars at the USA and successfully sell ones in Europe, that's rather profitable. I am sure there are many agents eager to buy a good truck, some European countries have no restrictions towards emissions (there are many rather informating discussions on this topic at different travel forums ).
  3. Funny comment but it is true. I planned a trip to Mexico, too, and most of travel forums and experienced tourists say to beware of water first of all, then thiefs and kidnapping huh.
  4. Tried to find a relevant advice on the same problem at multiple travel forums , but in the most of cases people couldn't get what I wanted from them. It is definitely better to search for an adequate help here.
  5. 1500 pulling a travel trailer

    Sorry for off-topic, but did anyone try to rent a RV or a motorhome? Until my truck is under repair, I am very interested in this type of travelling. Outdoorsy offers rather good prices, at least the choice is always huge.
  6. Never travelled with more than 1 kid, but often travelled with my 3 dogs (all three are very little, chihuahua in a word). Any trip becomes easier if you know special travel with pets sites , most of them provide with helpful info about accomodation and pets welcome places.
  7. Here's a bunch of sites for people who trave with their pets https://travelsites.com/travel-with-pets/ , I am sure some of them might become helpful for you. I never travelled with two and more kids, but I did with my son and dog, everything was ok (once I even left a dog with a house sitter, any complaints!).
  8. Is it still actual? As I am actually looking for a good deal for dual fuel generator, currently learning a review at this source . I thought a portable generator from Champion would be perfect, but it is expensive as hell. I don't mind buying a used one if the condition is ok.
  9. There are two ways to solve the problem: to buy new keys or to call a locksmith to cut and program new keys. I ordered a locksmith from https://replacementcarkey.org/ and he got his work done in less than 3 hours. These guys also offer new keys to buy.
  10. What annoys you about other pickups

  11. Never buy gas at new stations

    Had just the same situation some time ago

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