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  1. Silverado Fuel Log

    Mine is optimistic also. I recently measured 16.9 mpg using the old pen and paper method - GM's computer was telling me 18.1 mpg. NOTE TO GM: This is not rocket science!!
  2. These bumpers are apparently very wimpy. I now have a small "dent" in mine in the same exact spot after backing up into a ice (formerly snow) bank in a parking lot. Couldn't have been going more than about 2-3 mph. I'm going to try to just use a hammer and a dolly and try to lightly bang it out.
  3. 4wd whine in turns

    Thank you.
  4. 4wd whine in turns

    Guess you missed where I said I had been driving in a snow storm, sorry I didn't switch my truck out of 4WD the instant I entered the parking garage. Since you actually took the time to read my post, thank you so much for your amazingly insightful and helpful response. Your help has been much appreciated. So just keep beating your head into the wall, it actually might help you.
  5. Hi, 2017 Silverado Lt, 5.3L. Used the 4wd H today in rather bad snowstorm to get to airport. When I got into the parking garage at the airport, making slower turns looking for a parking spot, I heard a whining noise in the front end. That went away when straightened the wheels to go straight again. Whine came back when turned again. Is that normal? Maybe had a lot of snow/ice buildup? Less than 6k miles.
  6. Assuming the Silverado is like my Malibu, now you'll just need the special GM TPMS tool for syncing the sensors up with the vehicle. No more putting the car in "Sense mode", overinflating the tires and releasing the air until the car horn chirps.
  7. Congrats and good luck with it!
  8. Friend of mine has the console, mine doesn't. I thought I wanted it, but opted not to spend the extra money for it and I'm not unhappy about it, and I'm happy to have the lock box. The incentives on the Silverado's are amazing right now, GM overestimated demand and now they have to get them sold. I doubt they will make that mistake again in the near future. I think you'll find that right now you can get a Silverado for less than a Colorado because of the incentives on the Silverado. I was able to get the extra $1K Labor day incentive as well, maybe there will be a Columbus day incentive? Good luck! I've had mine a couple weeks now and I'm quite happy.

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