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  1. Stock suspension, 22x10 -18 w/ 33x12.50. Does have rubbing on mud flap, not major to where I think its going to rip it off but enough that I had to notch it out and clear 85% of it.
  2. Thanks Shane, payment received, will send out Monday at the latest, will try to have them shipped today.
  3. Pending to Mr. Shane.....
  4. New in OEM packaging, purchased and traded in my truck before I could use them. P/N 13516164. These are the 315mhz, be sure to check your compatibility as not all 2014-2018 TPMS sensors are interchangeable. $100 shipped OBO..... Also listed locally, so local sale takes priority.
  5. hopefully they sell... don't want more wheels and tires in my garage, I'm trying to empty it out as it is...... from a fellow Spring resident!!!
  6. I should have these coming off next week. Will have about 500-600 easy miles on them. Bridgestone Dueler A/T RH-S 275/60r20 Build date 5218. Can't find exact tire online, side wall design is different on everything I'm finding, not sure if what's out there is the old version being that these have a recent build date. Either way these came stock on my AT4. Asking price is $850obo. Local pick up is preferred but willing to meat within reason. Located in Houston, TX.
  7. Paid $1k for these new take off wheels/tires, no sensors. Paying anything over $1400 for stock wheels and tires is crazy.......
  8. There's a couple vids on YouTube, but they are on lifted trucks, can really see a good side profile. They look good retracted, but scared they will extend to low when extended..... would be a costly experiment..
  9. Appreciate the reply, but plenty of pictures on the web of that version of steps installed. Are you on bigger tires? I'm running 33" and a Bilstein level
  10. Anyone running Amp Research XL steps on a non lifted or leveled truck. I know they are better suited for lifted applications but like the idea of covering up some of the visible frame from the side, I think they may come down too much though. Any body with them installed have some pics??? Thanks Roy
  11. sorry for late reply, yes it is.
  12. Entertaining local offers.... willing to drive outside of Houston within reason to meet/sell.

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