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  1. Paid $1k for these new take off wheels/tires, no sensors. Paying anything over $1400 for stock wheels and tires is crazy.......
  2. There's a couple vids on YouTube, but they are on lifted trucks, can really see a good side profile. They look good retracted, but scared they will extend to low when extended..... would be a costly experiment..
  3. Appreciate the reply, but plenty of pictures on the web of that version of steps installed. Are you on bigger tires? I'm running 33" and a Bilstein level
  4. Anyone running Amp Research XL steps on a non lifted or leveled truck. I know they are better suited for lifted applications but like the idea of covering up some of the visible frame from the side, I think they may come down too much though. Any body with them installed have some pics??? Thanks Roy
  5. sorry for late reply, yes it is.
  6. Entertaining local offers.... willing to drive outside of Houston within reason to meet/sell.
  7. From what I've read this is the most tame of the 3 kits available. The part number doesn't give a break down of the included parts, at least I couldn't find them. Youtube GM/Borla exhaust there are a few videos showing the difference between all the kits.
  8. Not that I couldn't wrap it up and ship it, but with size of box and how careless shippers/drivers are now, I'd hate for it to get damaged in transit. Don't want or have time for paypal claims.......
  9. thanks, cheapest I could find online was about $1250us shipped. If it wasn't for all the stories I read about people making fake paypal claims I'd be willing to ship, we'll see......
  10. Kicker subs and box

    I know they are sold, but any chance you have pics of the box installed?
  11. GMT-K2xx 2014-2018 Brand new in the box GM/Borla 6.2 exhaust. Part number on box shows dual side exhaust but laying it out it's a dual out the back exhaust, not what I wanted so its for sale. Part numbers on box are: 19303345 (dual out the side) and 19303348 ( dual 4" black tips). Parts have never been installed just laid out before install. Pictures are of actual parts. $950 takes it. Pm with contact info and I'll be quick to reply. Thanks Roy PREFER LOCAL SALE, DO NOT WANT TO SHIP...... Houston, Tx
  12. Don't know where it's from, never asked to see its papers......

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