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  1. I believe Gen5DIY.com might have one, I know they make the ones for the 16-18 and the 14-15 SLE to SLT conversion.
  2. Still have these will do $600 shipped USA for anyone interested!
  3. The headlights will work on a 14-15 body style with a correct harness no problem. The link on that thread is up above. As for the grill, that will require the entire swap above as the 16-18 grill is larger than the older model.
  4. Bump, $650 Shipped USA!
  5. Bump, now $700 Shipped USA!
  6. New Gm owner from mi

  7. Bump $750+ Shipping or best offer
  8. Close up of the two noticeable marks on the lights
  9. Selling a set of 2016+ GM 2500/3500 HID Headlights with a conversion harness. These lights are the exact same as the 14/15 Sierra 1500 Lamps but with factory HID's, much better output over the stock halogens. The lights are in overall good condition, there is a few marks on the lens of the lights. Other then that they work great! **These will fit 2014-2015 Sierra 1500 SLT or All Terrain SLE with the DRL LED Light running light option** $750+ Shipping Let me know, I can send more pictures if requested!
  10. Anybody looking for a 2014+ Sierra to 2016+ Sierra, just completed it.
  11. After some research I was unable to locate a thread on a 2016+ Sierra front conversion, so figured I would put one together for anyone interested! I know this conversion isn't for everyone due to resale value, costs, what the VIN says, and so fourth. Personally I love the iridium metallic and the options I have, so coming to terms with locating a 16 Iridium AT didn't make sense. I began with the headlights a few months back due to the lack of light output on the stock 14-15 lights, after a bit of time the 16+ trucks began to grow on me more and more. Let me start by saying..finding used 16-18 parts is challenging, the bumper being the hardest in my opinion. After a few months of sourcing parts, I was able to acquire everything at significant price differences over new. Minus the 16-18 headlights, the conversion cost me right around $1,800 said and done. Still having all the original 15 parts, I should be able to recoup a bit of that back. As for the 16+ Silverado conversion, more is required to be changed then the Sierra. From doing the swap I found that I needed less then I originally thought. As of right now I don't have working fogs, but that shouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately, the harness is on national back order. Parts Required for Bumper Conversion (see pics below) -Complete Bumper Assy (including brackets, fog lights, lower valance, harness) -Upper Top Pad -Sight Shield -New Grille (Chrome, All Terrain, Denali..) *Green boxes are required purchase parts *Yellow boxes are optional purchase or modification of old part *Red boxes are parts not needed *You will have to locate 4 retainers for the grille, these are already pre drilled, As for everything else, it goes together like a breeze! (16+ Headlight Conversion) please see post below: (Bumper Assy) I didn't use either of the yellow items in the photo below, I trimmed the old side retainers down roughly 3mm to accommodate new top pad: (Wheel Moldings) As for the wheel moldings, I trimmed just shy of 1.5" on them and sanded down to save on costs:
  12. Hello from New Hampshire


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