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  1. Harsh Ride

    Does Brillsteins make both the shocks and the new replacement struts? Hopefully that will improve the ride on the front end, has anyone come up with a tried & true fix for the rear suspension to smooth out the bumps and lower the rear to be level with the front making it look better and easier to lift items into the bed? Anyone out there from the San Jose CA area with recommendations for a shop that could do all this custom suspension rebuild. I don't mind paying for the fix, including new custom springs, but it would be nice if others have already done it with happy results. Failed trial & errors is expensive. And if all this fails, what manufacturer makes the smoothest ride but still usable as a truck? Ford, Dodge Toyota? I always loved my old Sierra Z71, but the ride in the new GM trucks suck. If GM offered to take my truck back today I'd jump at the chance.
  2. Harsh Ride

    Thanks Rick, but I am hoping for a general consensus on a fix. There must be one. Other than buying a mid size Colorado.
  3. Harsh Ride

    I gave my 2000 GMC Z71, that had a sweet ride, to my son and purchased a 2017 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab with a short bed, LTZ 4x4 with 18" aluminum wheels. I now regret purchasing this truck, normal driving on well paved city streets is pretty good, but going over expansion joints on the freeway would lift us out of our seats if it wasn't for seatbelts. How can a 2017 have a worse ride than a 2000? The Capitol Chevy dealer in San Jose, Ca first said all trucks ride rough (not my 2000) then it's because of the Max Trailering Package and the stiffer boxed frame than the 2000 had. I asked if there was any modification or shock absorber changes they could do to improve it, not that he knew of, he suggested contacting a 4 wheel drive outlet and ask about aftermarket shocks. And I really dislike the raised rear end, I asked if something can be done to lower the rear to make it easier to lift items into the bed, nope. Unfortunately the test drive before purchase was on well maintained city streets. Buyer regrets big time. Let me know if anyone starts a class action lawsuit, it has to be a bad design.
  4. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Hi Marty, I appreciate all the information on the suspension re-work you did on your 2015 Silverado 2wd, and I'll run the article by the 4wheel drive shop I visited earlier who said there was really nothing he could think of that would remedy the issues on newer 4x4's, mine is a 2017 with a max towing package ( I ordered after getting bad information on it's ride characteristics) and he hadn't heard of anyone who has tackled the issue, and I don't know how similar my 2017 4x4 suspension is to the suspension on your 2015 two wheel drive Silverado. But it's worth looking into, so thanks again.
  5. There has been an issue with the suspension on our new 2017 Silverado 4x4 ever since we purchased it, but we were hoping after we put some miles on it would settle down, it didn't. I’m referring to its tendency to almost throw you out of your seat when going over large bumps on the highway at freeway speeds of 65-70mph, like entering or leaving the transition onto and off of freeway overpasses, where the pavement raises up slightly at one end or the other of the over pass. Depending on the severity of the rise in pavement, it almost causes the truck to loose control. We wanted the smoothest ride possible and specifically did not choose the Silverado Z71 4x4 because the suspicion was reported to be stiffer for off road applications, now I hear the suspension on the Silverado Z71 4x4 and on the Silverado LTZ (non-Z71) 4x4 are identical, apparently the only difference in the two trucks is some difference in trim. Most of the time the ride in our Silverado is very nice, except going over bumps. Also the rear of the vehicle is higher than the front ( and higher than my 2000 GMC Sierra Z71 which rode very smoothly). The taller tailgate on our 2017 Silverado makes it harder loading heavy items into the bed. Is there anything that can be done to lower the rear of the vehicle level with the front ( I do not want to lift the truck), and allow a smoother ride? Can the suspension or shocks be changed out for something that will absorb the bumps better and still give a comfortable ride?

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