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  1. Hey Everybody, Just purchased a used set of Vision GV8 Invader rim's, Currently I ma have stock rims and tires 18x8.5 these rims are 20x10. My buddy says they will fit no issues on my truck, and no the truck isn't leveled yet. Can anyone provided any information on if this will be a direct swap no issues. Or do I need to level the truck and maybe trim the lower valance a touch. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I just purchased a used 2018 Chevy Silverado, After doing so research I found that the cup holders in this truck are not removable unlink its earlier models. I am looking for a way to hide the cable that is coming from the inside of the centre console to my phone, that sits in the little rubber holder but I want it to be clean and not have a wire just hanging all over. I have nothing online as to any sort of way to run that cable in such a way that it is hidden. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to accomplish this clean look? Thanks for any input SeekNDstroy2012
  3. Hey everyone, Today while driving I looked down and noticed that my oil pressure gauge was maxed out. I turned the heat and radio off and heard no knocking or anything, so i8 kepted driving and then the engine light came on and checked it when I got home and its the typical P0521 go figure. I have ordered the sensor and the screen that is underneath it from my local GM dealer, but the only thing that has me questioning if its the sensor is when doing my googling and checking on the forum here is that the only cases i found the gauge dropped to 0 and not maxing out. Would this still be the Sensor as it seems with the generation GM truck it is a common issue with them and the sensor isn't bad in price. Just wanting to know mostly is could a bad sensor cause the gauge to max out instead of drop to 0? Thanks SeekNDsrtroy2012
  4. If your gauge cluster doesn't have a trans temp gauge, adding one wouldn't hurt if you are planning on towing a lot. Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk
  5. Anytime you change your ride height it will change your headlight alignment. What i do i park of the most level surface i can and take a before measurement of the height and after i level/lift i just realign the headlight to the height it was before to adviod blinding other drivers. Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk
  6. Hey there, I have been researching the best option to install a sub and amp on a factory head unit, so far the only thing I have found is to use a LOC however I would rather not splice into factory wiring if possible. I would be installing an aftermarket head unit later on down the road but due to recent layoffs at work I have taken a pay cut and would like to do this for cheaper than buying a new head unit at the moment. In doing some research I found that at least with Ford vehicles there is a model that goes in line with the head unit wiring harness that would provide the outputs that you would need to send the bass feed to the amp via RCAs or Optical cable. Does anyone know if this is something that is on the market for a 2012 GMC Sierra and if so where could I pick one up? If my only option is using a LOC I can get a good one at my local Walmart that has a 12V turn on wire built into the unit Scosche LOC2SL Line out Converter with Bass Control. Any input would be great. Thanks
  7. It does look like that the Swap would be more a less just a remove the old bumper and just bolt the new bumper on to the truck. At least that's what it seems like from the Thread below. 2014 bumper installed on 2013 Silverado
  8. I am also looking to do this very swap but not looking to have to modify a whole bunch of stuff for it to fit the truck. A little modification would be fine, hopefully someone will shine some light on this soon!
  9. Here are 2 links that would also be helpful that I didn't find in the thread. Check for Recalls Canada Check for Recalls United States SeekNDtroy2012
  10. I find with rez boys you have to just go and see them in person. once I get the leveling kti installed i'm looking at a set of BFG KM2s.
  11. I'm in Odessa and a small town near Kingston, I am gonna buy my tires through a tire shop on the local rez they have have a great rep and my set of tires I bought for my last truck and the set I have now came from there they can get any tire you want.
  12. Check your RPO codes in the glove box if you see what that says G80 then you have a G80 locker and word of a advise they are a low designed for low speed and you CAN damage them your rear end...
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