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  1. Ok I will try that. Thank you !
  2. Gotcha. I am just not very good with electrical. I work on the body of the vehicle and the interior
  3. Yes it is sorry. I just thought maybe was a wiring issue due to the push start. Now if that is good. Then what else would I need to look for?
  4. Yes sorry it is a TBI Gotcha. Thought maybe it was a wiring issue because of the dumb push button
  5. Good morning. I am needing help asap. I have an 89 K5 Blazer that I cannot get running. History: First bought after some one spun a rod completely through the oil pan. I know the motor was bad, so I wasnt worried too much about tearing it up. I tried to start to see if everything else worked. i.e. starter, alternator, fuel pump, etc. Everything worked. So I immediately shut her down. I bought a replacement 350 from a running 94 Chevy 4x4 Pickup I put all wiring back in place as they were before. Replaced all fuses, spark plugs/wiring, rotor cap and button, etc. Now I have no headlights, slow turn over, wont start. I have removed the fuel line from motor, turned the key and NO GAS. I checked the fuel pump relay and its good, checked the fuse panel and its good. I know it is a long shot but wth do I look for? I am a mom and this is my only vehicle and need to get it running asap. By the way, At some point some dipstick turned it into a push start. Turn the key then push the button. I need help asap
  6. Thank you After digging and digging. I finally found a font that appeared very close. I have now completed what I was needing. After printing out. I freehanded it. The font I used was called captain redemption. Found on Dafont. Com
  7. Hey everyone. I have quite a few questions about my k5. But a little off topic. I am doing some custom work to my K5. And I have searched and searched. Does ANYONE have any clue where to find the font for the "Bad Bowtie" Ive tried identify a font etc. I am NOT looking to reproduce the "Bad Bow Tie" I am only looking for the font to paint "Cold Shot" onto my truck and shirt.
  8. I am in the process of restoring this beast. Take a look, and lemme know what you think
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