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  1. Thanks tan Ill give it a try. im not driving it right now because the weather is too nice not to ride the motorcycle and power doesn't goto the motor when the key is off but I did run some more tests yesterday. 1. new fuse, unplugged motor and started engine. sat there for about 5 minutes or so give or take. did not blow. 2. Started digging into the wires under the hood but i can only go so far before it disappears into the main loom way down at the bottom of the engine bay. All wires i could get to were intact. no melting or any of that. Is it possible there is a short in the motor itself?
  2. late update. ended up being a bad ignition control module. The one in there that the previous owner put in was some cheap chinese model and he never put the thermal compound on the bottom. im guessing it fried itself from the heat. put the new one in and it fired right up (acdelco for the win)
  3. I have a 1991 k1500 5.7l Last week the wipers stopped working. Ive read so much about this that i just bought a new pulse board and headed on my way. Noticed before i went into the store that i also had a blown fuse. Thought maybe id be lucky so i bought a new fuse and popped it in. No luck. So i get to my destination and replace the board. Replace the fuse as well. Soon as i turn the key to the on position (with the wipers in the off position) i hear the fuse blow. I try this about 3 more times and same result every time. Next thing i tried was, got the bright idea to unplug the wiper motor, replace the fuse and then turn the truck to the on position. Didnt blow the fuse. Decided to plug the motor back in just for shits and giggles and wouldnt you know it, the fuse didnt blow AND the wipers worked again. So now im real confused. Sitting in the running truck with the wipers off for about 3 minutes texting a friend and suddenly i hear the fuse blow again. So what are your thoughts? Where should i start? Is there a way to bench test the wiper motor and/or the switch? All other functions on the wiper switch work fine (turn signals, high beam low beam, even cruse controle. but no mister and no wipers of any speed.)
  4. yikes. scary stuff there. I will keep that in mind if the spark does randomly come back. They day it happened it was raining so never know. I tried starting it agian about two hours after i broke down and still wouldnt start and still had no spark. Someone elsewhere had mentioned that if i have no spark at the plug and no spark at the coil, it probably means that my ignition module went bad. He said that this is something pretty common with the truck. Thats fine and all but i want to test this before i go buy a new one because for all i know it could be something farther down the line ( pickup coil, wiring, so on.)
  5. Greetings New to the forums and im sorry that my first post is asking questions but it is what it is. Friday i was on my way to work and the engine just shut off. Lights were still working, radio (and ham radio) were both still working. Gauges and everything on the dash still working. Power steering and breaks were out and of course the gas was not working. Rolled to the side of the road and got to a safe spot off of the busy bridge i had just come off of. Noticed that after the truck shut off, that the voltage gauge was very low. Probably about 7 volts or so. Someone stopped to help and attempted to jump the truck but it would got take. so called a tow truck. Got a tow over to my garage and started looking into it. Truck wouldn't start again since it happened. Determined that is has no spark at the spark plug, and no spark at the distributor cap. Can someone point me in the direction of what to test next? Im not of a habbit of needlessly buying new parts until it works again. Id rather find the cause of the issue and fix it and then buy whatever components needed. She turns over fine, compression sounds like its there. Not sure on the fuel yet but i figured i would check that after the no spark issue. the truck is 1991 k1500 with the 5.7.

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