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  1. I will try that fri , been super busy at work , its snowed 3 times since i got it put on but no accumulation lol go figure . Oh well there will always be next year .
  2. Picked my truck up today , i am happy with the boss trim kit and the plow . Its all very nice . I will post pics when i figure out how to resize them .
  3. Oh ok , yea that makes sense , good to have the accesory power .
  4. No biggie , and yea like you said a little lower than one would like but . Not terrible , lol hey any garage is a good garage if it keeps the rain snow and wind out . Adding the 2nd battery for the plow ? How was the electrical draw while plowing ? Did you notice any strain ? My truck has the LED headlights so im assuming i wont notice anything when operating hydraulics , but i did see alot of people talking about bigger alternators on snow plow prep trucks . Wasnt sure if that was for a salt spreader or the plow . Either way i think this plow will fit my needs perfectly . Hows it stack in scoop ?
  5. Awesome !! Im glad to hear you like it , this will be my first plow . Have heard good things about the Boss line . Lightbar looks fine , you could make it detachable , or pick you up a Speedtechlights linear mini bar with magnets . Very good bars for the price . And yea i dont go offroading much other than a groomed yard or 2 So i should be fine . And i will def take some pics of the gmc front end when i get mine on so someone has something to look at . Thanks for the reply . Good luck with your lighting needs . And happy plowing .
  6. Mr steam , i will be purchasing the same plow this week , what do you think of it so far ? Any pics of the front of the truck with plow off ? I have a gmc but just curious what the mounts look like . I will be tossing a motofab 2” level on before i get it installed . Seems like your truck looks good with plow on . Curious to hear your thoughts on the plow itsself . I have searched for days and can’t find anyone running this exact plow on a newer truck .
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