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  1. Mines pretty dry with maybe about a cup of water in the corner near the tailgate if you drive through lots of rain but that is unusual for me. I've been through some pretty heavy rains on the highway with no water in there. Same story with the undercover flex and undercover flex ultra.
  2. Oh, ok then. The cover has three sections. from the tailgate, you can fold one section back on the other, then you fold those two sections back onto the third section nearest the cab. There are two straps you click to secure these sections down when driving. You can then fold all three sections up, they will be supported by two rods that look like the shock rods on a hatchback buy they are just solid rods. All three sections are now vertical right behind the window and allow maximum access to the bed. They do block the whole window and will cover the third brake light.
  3. No, I'm not sure how that could happen, the camera is in the gate latch handle, the cover is flush with the bed all the way round.
  4. I had a 2014 dodge ecodiesel 4x4 1500 with 8 speed transmission. I loved driving that truck and got great fuel economy. But, RAM killed us on oil changes. 10 litres of very expensive special hocus pocus oil and a 60$ filter made it a $350 oil change every 10k miles. I did it myself after warranty and saved a bit. Then the tranny needs special oil too and a filter built into the pan so you had to replace it all and they wanted $1500 for that. The a thing called an EGR cooler in the exhaust system went at 120,000 miles and was going to cost $2,000 to fix, and they said the coolent leak probably damaged the Cat and that would go next at $4000. I traded it on a 2018 Siera 5.3. No turbo, no special tranny, I pay more in fuel but not in service. Unless you are going to go a million miles, or you tow a great deal you should look very closely at the numbers and especially check out the service costs before you pull the trigger. GM may do it better than RAM, I'm just saying, check it out first.
  5. I'm on my third undercover flex and my first Ultra. Highly recommend.
  6. Great, thanks. I'll get under it tonight to make sure its the same on my 18. Glad to hear someone else has at good experience with it on the 5.3. I had a dodge ecodiesel that held 10 liters and the oil came out like a fire hose. The fumoto helped control and slow it down to a more manageable rate for the driveway.
  7. If you're just using your truck to drive around down with one or two people in it, then we can have this discussion. I take 5 adults, a 2000lb boat and all our gear 600 miles round trip most weekends. Until there is an alternative to my 5.3 that will do that and go 200,000 miles and 10 years with little more than regular tires/brakes/oil changes, I'm sticking with a good old naturally aspirated V8. Just to be fair, I also have a small 4cyl car in the garage that does our round-town work during the week. Just sayin, V8 trucks are going to be around for a long time.
  8. I had a fumoto drain valve on my previous truck and I loved it. Now that my free oil changes are done, I need to do the next one myself. I went on the fumoto site but they are saying some 5.3's have a recessed drain plug in the oil pan and may need an extender. Does anyone have experience with a fumoto valve on a 2018 5.3 GMC?
  9. I switched from apple to android just for Waze in my carplay. Works great.
  10. Ya, that was a 3.1. I had the 2.8 in an earlier car. Great engines.
  11. I had a 1999 Chevy Lumina with a 3.5 or something v6. After a ton of miles and years, the overdrive started slipping in and out on the highway. The "experts" said, "nothing you can do, just wait for it to fail". I decided to change the fluid, and it started working perfectly again. Kept it for a couple more years and still sold it for $900. Great car and I'm into maintenance so I say change it. IMHO.
  12. Good news, How many miles on that 2018 Truck?
  13. Anyone post instructions to hardwire the power for a dashcam into the headliner somewhere behind the rearview mirror or headliner lights? 2018 Sierra by the way.
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