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  1. I bought this ranch hand used early January mainly for the looks but figured it would be helpful in case of an accident. About a month later I got to test it out on a Camry. I am curious what y'all think. Would I have been better off without it? The impact pushed it bar back and screwed up the fend er, hood, headlight, and grille. I'm not sure what to think. Luckily the bar was not damaged and bent back into place.
  2. 2" RC level spacer 285/70/r17 duratrac on method roost wheels No rubbing
  3. I think those mount more towards the bedsides.
  4. That's what I was thinking but it seems weird on a stock truck.
  5. Not part of the bed liner. Looks kind of like a rivnut attached to the bed.
  6. I dont think so. It looks like a rivnut. A fifth wheel would go to the frame.
  7. I got a 2014 z71 double cab recently and noticed four bolt holes in the bed. I dont believe they are factory. The drop in bedliner that came with the truck also has holes cut in it for access. Im thinking it might be for some kind of spare tire mount? The truck was completely stock otherwise. Any ideas as to what it could be for?
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