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  1. Hello, its a white 4 door 4x4 slt, with a a gm 9.5" corporate 14 bolt semi floater 3/4 ton rear axle. thank you
  2. Hi all,So I have a 1997 Gmc yukon slt that's near cosmetically and mechanically in perfect condition that I'm thinking of selling along with my 2000 toyota pickup so I can downsize to one full size truck for work and play. I've had my yukon for 11.5 years and I've only put 19k miles on it that entire time with a total of 132k overall. Pardon my ignorance on this subject but does anyone have any reason why I shouldn't sell? Are these trucks expected to go up in price in the forseeable future as collectable cars? what is a reasonable ballpark figure to sell one of these for, i have no clue. Thanks!
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