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  1. Wow, thanks for all the replies, comments and advice. Looks like I have some research to do. Didn't even think about leveling it or a lift kit. I know it's a 4 wheel drive truck but I have no clue about the MagneRide suspension and how or if it works off road. I did ask the salesman and all he would confirm was that if I'm somewhere and it snows I'll be ok. I pressed him about going off road and he recommended the All-Terrain. As I said earlier that wasn't going to work. My fishing trip is the most I'd use the 4 wheel drive at one time. Other times throughout the year there might be an occasion or two but nothing like when I'm on my trip. We cabin at 8500 feet and then go up to 11000 + and hit every stream and lake there is. It's mostly dirt roads but there are some spots where it's trails, rocks and ruts. No crawling involved but definitely need the 4 wheel drive. In the past my buddies have used their stock F150 XLT's 4x4 and have had no issues as far as denting or bending anything. They have the nerf type running boards. I'm thinking about changing to 18" wheels and tires, getting skid plates and that should do it.
  2. Hi All, A newbie here in So Cal. After 30 + years on the job decided to pull the plug and retire. I've had a company car for the past 20 years so I had to find me a nice retirement vehicle. My retirement truck is a 2018 Sierra Denali 4x4 with the ultimate package. After 3 months I love the truck. I only have a couple of questions and looking for some advice. 1: Is it normal for the transmission to clunk at times and shift hard? 2: Can the Denali be used off road and is it possible to change the 22" wheels and tires for 18"? If so will it void any warranties and or mess with the suspension? Once a year I travel to the Eastern Sierra's for a week of trout fishing. There are some places we go that is off road etc. The truck is soooo nice I almost don't even want to take it off road but if I do will I have to worry about what it can or cannot do? I know I should have gotten the All-Terrain but my dealer said it was to late to order as they had already started gearing up for the new 2019's. Plus I couldn't find one I liked that could be dealer swapped. Thanks a head of time for your answers/recommendations, Dj
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