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  1. I wondered the same thing; guessing it’s due to the lighter truck with a 6.2 that puts out power in the same ball park as the Whipple numbers posted earlier. I like the idea of a clean supercharger install on a new truck; however at the cost of entry, you lose not only your warranty, but also most of the cost advantage over buying a diesel to begin with.
  2. Thanks for your reply; good to know it’s not just me. The sunroof option isn’t a box I’d check if I were ordering a new truck (picked mine off a lot), but it would be nice to use it and still hear myself think. I wonder if there’s a vent shade or something offered for our trucks. Edit- I do see sunroof wind deflectors available, but only universal models. WeatherTech only makes them for 1500’s, for example. My guess is that it’s due to the clearance lights on HD models.
  3. First of all; I get it that it’s a big truck without good aerodynamics. I find that the sunroof in my 2500HD is really noisy while open; like having a window down, at anything over 40mph or so. Is this the case for anyone else? Not that it’s a fair comparison..., but my wife’s BMW is damn near silent at most speeds. Hers has a hard plastic air deflector, while mine has some sort of fabric mesh. The sunroof is not a big selling point for me personally, but I would drive with it open more often if it were worth a crap.
  4. By the way, your truck looks great. I also have an AllTerrain HD, but in black.
  5. It’s my understanding that the amount of threads remaining on each side doesn’t necessarily have to be equal and that every truck is usually a bit different.
  6. I’ve never heard of Filmco. I’ve treated mine twice with Fluid Film since purchasing it new last November. It’s true that some products can soften the waxy coating that GM applies....oh well. I did enough digging about a year ago and found the manufacturer of the coating that GM uses and where you could purchase it. I’ve read where guys have used heated crapper wax, old oil, all sorts of stuff. I chose Fluid Film because it’s readily available and somewhat reasonably priced; I bought a cheap undercoating sprayer off Amazon to spray it, and it works great.
  7. It has nothing to do with any nozzles; it’s closing up the variable vanes.
  8. I think it’s not fair to compare any P rated tire to an LT, especially with an E rating, which may add weight but also a significant amount of stability. You don’t read much bad about the AT3’s online; they seem to be a home run tire for Cooper. I saw a set of XLT’s on a Cummins Ram over the weekend; from the side they look tough, but to me the tread still looks like it belongs on a boring delivery van.
  9. You are right; I meant to say 4.10’s, and corrected my post.
  10. No need to overthink this. Your Duramax truck does not have 4.10 gears.
  11. Do you really think a stock size tire is going to weigh 109.4lbs?? What do you see them doing differently to have a tire weigh THAT much more, when E-range at’s a size or two above stock are hovering around 60lbs?
  12. Big truck, not enough power. Don’t overthink it.
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