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  1. Cleaning & Care for Trucks with Grille Guards

    Well I'm not sure, thanks for all the input guys. I'm going to see if I can track someone down with a grille guard on in person and see how tough it looks to clean. I think my local dealer has a show truck on their lot with one of these guards on it.
  2. Cleaning & Care for Trucks with Grille Guards

    Yeah that's what I thought, I love the idea of them but the thought of bugs that I can't reach being stuck behind it would drive me insane.
  3. Hi guys, New here, so the other day my front bumper sustained some damage and that got me to thinking. I've wanted a grille guard ever since the day I got my truck. Just wondering how difficult It will be to clean the front end of my truck with the grille guard in place? What do you guys use to get behind the grille guard to clean the bodywork? Thinking either Westin, Ranchhand or Go Industries. Images for reference.

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