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  1. Disappointed with 2019

    What kind of bs oversight is that?!?! This is 2019 no radar cruise and no rain sensing wipers? A Yukon gets both, why can't the trucks?
  2. Disappointed with 2019

    Bumb, anyone know?
  3. Disappointed with 2019

    The new rams are gorgeous, congratulations!
  4. Disappointed with 2019

    Does anyone know if gm added Rain sensing wipers to the 2019's?
  5. Disappointed with 2019

    They should be implementing a dual fuel injection system like f*** is using to cure the intake carbon deposit issue and improving power outputs with the existing engines. Ford got extra power and torque out of every one of their engines just by adding it. It will also help with longevity as you won't be washing the cylinders wall out with unburt fuel like is common on direct injected engines. This dynamic fuel system is so overly complicated, I can just imagine everyone removing the hydraulic lifters and tuning their trucks as soon as the powertrain warranty lapses. I know I am.
  6. Disappointed with 2019

    I guess I should note the positives... 1. Rear air vents 2. The new trailer package with the mountable camera looks useful 3. Should be safer in crash tests now with the new frame 4. The wireless charger is in a better spot 5. They centered the steering wheel with the driver 6. I hear they ride a lot smoother than the current generation 5. "Slightly" better payload and towing #'s 6. The bed has a 110v outlet 7. More tie down points are always handy 8. You can turn on the led bed lighting on from the back of the truck (no need to go around to the interior) 9. Rumor has it they're turned a lot better now so they don't lug so much driving around town. Still even with what they've done, they've given some but take some, seems a lot like an iPhone. A lot of the same, no real innovation yet people will still buy them anyway.
  7. I can't be the only one to say it. The 2019s are so disappointing. And here's why for me, can anyone convince me otherwise? 1. No radar cruise control 2. Stop start garbage 3. No panoramic sunroof (not that I care, but I know most do) 4. All this R&D into dynamic fuel management and the mpg rating hasn't changed 5. Carbon fiber bed? Waste of R&D 6. You can't get the 6.2 or the 10 speed in the lower trimmed trucks 7. Gauge cluster actually looks worse than the outgoing model's (cheap but more feature laden) 8. No classic square arches 9. Looks way too overstyled, the "old" truck was a handsome beast 10. Still waxing frames after all these years 11. The box sides are now so tall that unless you're Yao Ming, you can't reach over the sides 12. The engine bay is now more cramped and for no reason, the radiators have been pushed back towards the engine and there's a brace on either side of the engine that encroach on the space around it What exactly is the benefit of getting a new truck? As far as I can tell they made it worse. Think I'll be keeping my 17 for a long time!
  8. Cleaning & Care for Trucks with Grille Guards

    Well I'm not sure, thanks for all the input guys. I'm going to see if I can track someone down with a grille guard on in person and see how tough it looks to clean. I think my local dealer has a show truck on their lot with one of these guards on it.
  9. Cleaning & Care for Trucks with Grille Guards

    Yeah that's what I thought, I love the idea of them but the thought of bugs that I can't reach being stuck behind it would drive me insane.
  10. Hi guys, New here, so the other day my front bumper sustained some damage and that got me to thinking. I've wanted a grille guard ever since the day I got my truck. Just wondering how difficult It will be to clean the front end of my truck with the grille guard in place? What do you guys use to get behind the grille guard to clean the bodywork? Thinking either Westin, Ranchhand or Go Industries. Images for reference.

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