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  1. Oil Recommendation

    I talked to our supplier from chevron today and he assured me that the delo meets all new standards, including dexos, he’s a salesman so he could’ve been just selling it. He said that he can order havolines full synthetic line if I wanted it to say dexos on the bottle. 😂
  2. Oil Recommendation

    I agree that the dexos standard is different or better, but the manual says 10w30 is fine in warmer climates as long as it meets the standards. My question was if API SN was the same and it is not so I’ll stick with the havooine full synthetic line, our oil supplier is a chevron dealer so all of our products are through them. Thank you all for clearing up the dexos vs API ratings, because everything I read about it didn’t give a clear answer. People were saying they ran Rotella 5w40 in there engine, etc. I also read from one site that if it’s synthetic it meets dexos standards. So I was just trying to clear up the bs about it.
  3. Oil Recommendation

    Yea I’m out of warranty, and the 10w30 vs 5w30 isn’t going to make a difference in South Carolina, it doesn’t get cold enough. I was just curious if the rating were the same, I know dexos is GM’s testing standards and it has a lot to do with aeration in the oil. Thanks for the replies.
  4. Hi I’m new to this site, and there’s a lot of great info here. I hope that I’m posting this in the correct area, but I was wondering if Delo XLE 400 synthetic blend 10w-30 works in a 12’ GMC Sierra 5.3. It’s API SN certified and synthetic blend. I know they say dexos only but it has an SN rating and I also have boxes of the stuff. I’m a diesel mechanic and I’ve been pretty happy with delo in the fleet. I guess I’m asking is dexos and API SN the same?

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